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このページは利用者手引きに関連する主たる索引である。 文書類の開発者は、ここを参照.


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関連ビデオs: (フランス語音声、字幕が利用可能)


Related videos: (vocal in french but subtitles are available and review in this language)

使用法 (於 モジュールs / アプリs)

Dolibarr の利用法を知ることはそのモジュールの利用法と特徴を知ること. 最初に, インストールステップが完了したら (前章参照), 利用法に関する一般的情報を見てみよう:

一般的利用法を理解したら, 標準的ビジネスモジュールに関する文章を見るとよい. 興味のあるモジュールを選択し、その文章を見よう. 標準的モジュールは、すべてのインストールにおいてデフォルトで利用可能なものである. これが主要モジュールのリスト (ページ List of Modules でも見れる) :

人事管理 (HR)

Users & Groups : Users / Employees and Groups management
Members : Foundation members management
Leave Request Management : Define and track employee leave requests
Expense Reports : Manage expense reports claims (transportation, meal, ...)
Recruitment  : Manage and follow recruitment campaigns for new job positions
HRM : Human resources management (management of department, employee contracts and feelings)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Third Parties : Companies and contacts management (customers, prospects...)
Proposals : Commercial proposal management
Sales Orders : Sales order management
Shipments : Shipments and delivery note management
Contracts/Subscriptions : Management of contracts (services or recurring subscriptions)
Interventions : Intervention management
Tickets : Ticket system for issue or request management
Knowledge Management System : Manage a Knowledge Management (KM) or Help-Desk base
Partnership Management : Module Partnership management

Vendor Relationship Management (VRM)

Vendors : Vendors and purchase management (purchase orders and billing of supplier invoices)
Vendor Commercial Proposals : Request vendor commercial proposal and prices
Reception : Vendor reception management (Create reception documents)
Incoterms : Add features to manage Incoterms

Financial Modules (Accounting/Treasury)

Invoices : Management of invoices and credit notes for customers. Management of invoices and credit notes for suppliers
Taxes & Special Expenses : Management of other expenses (sales taxes, social or fiscal taxes, dividends, ...)
Salaries : Record and track employee payments
Loans : Management of loans
Donations : Donation management
Banks & Cash : Management of bank or cash accounts
Payment By Credit Transfer : Management of payment of suppliers by Credit Transfer orders. It includes generation of SEPA file for European countries.
Payment By Direct Debit : Management of Direct Debit orders. It includes generation of SEPA file for European countries.
Margins : Module to follow margins
Accounting (simplified) : Simple accounting reports (journals, turnover) based on database content. Does not use any ledger table.
Accounting (double entry) : Accounting management (double entries, support General and Subsidiary Ledgers). Export the ledger in several other accounting software formats.
Intracomm report : Intracomm report management (Support for French DEB/DES format) (Experimental)
Asset : Asset module (In Development)

Product Management (PM)

Products : Management of Products
Services : Management of Services
Stocks : Stock management
Product Lots : Lots, serial numbers, eat-by/sell-by date management for products
Product Variants : Creation of product variants (color, size etc.)
Bills of Material : Module to define your Bills Of Materials (BOM). Can be used for Manufacturing Resource Planning by the module Manufacturing Orders (MO)
Manufacturing Orders : Module to Manage Manufacturing Orders (MO)
Dynamic Prices : Use maths expressions for auto-generation of prices (Experimental)
Workstation : Workstations management (In Development)

Projects/Collaborative work

Projects or Leads : Management of projects, leads/opportunities and/or tasks. You can also assign any element (invoice, order, proposal, intervention, ...) to a project and get a transversal view from the project view.
Events/Agenda : Track events. Log automatic events for tracking purposes or record manual events or meetings. This is the principal module for good Customer or Vendor Relationship Management.
Resources : Manage resources (printers, cars, rooms, ...) for allocating to events
Event Organization : Event Organization through Module Project

Electronic Content Management (ECM)

DMS / ECM : Document Management System / Electronic Content Management. Automatic organization of your generated or stored documents. Share them when you need.

Multi-modules tools

Tags / Categories : Create tags/category (products, customers, suppliers, contacts or members)
WYSIWYG Editor : Allow text fields to be edited/formatted using CKEditor (html)
Multicurrency : Use alternative currencies in prices and documents
RSS Feed : Add a RSS feed to Dolibarr pages
Bookmarks & Shortcuts : Create shortcuts, always accessible, to the internal or external pages to which you frequently access
Barcodes : Barcode or QR code management
Inter-modules Workflow : Workflow management between different modules (automatic creation of object and/or automatic status change)
Data imports : Tool to import data into Dolibarr (with assistance)
Data exports : Tool to export Dolibarr data (with assistance)
Stickers : Management of stickers (In Development)
Document Generation: Mass email document generation (In Development)
Data Privacy Policy : Module to manage Data Privacy (Conformity with the GDPR) (Experimental)
Module and Application Builder : A RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool to help developers to build their own module.

Websites and other frontal application

Poll, Survey or Vote : Create online polls, surveys or votes (like Doodle, Studs, RDVz etc...)
Websites : Create websites (public) with a WYSIWYG editor. This is a webmaster or developer oriented CMS (it is better to know HTML and CSS language). Just setup your web server (Apache, Nginx, ...) to point to the dedicated Dolibarr directory to have it online on the internet with your own domain name.
Collab : Enable the public collaboration features, like shared pad, shared online sheets, etc... (In Development)
POS TakePOS : Point of Sale module TakePOS (touchscreen POS, for shops, bars or restaurants).

Interfaces with external systems

Social Networks : Enable Social Networks fields into third parties and addresses (skype, twitter, facebook, ...).
Notifications on business event : Send email notifications triggered by a business event: per user (setup defined on each user), per third-party contacts (setup defined on each third party) or by specific emails
Mass Emailings : Manage bulk emailing
Email collector : Add a scheduled job and a setup page to scan regularly email boxes (using IMAP protocol) and record emails received into your application, at the right place and/or create some records automatically (like leads).
API/Web services (REST server) : Enable the Dolibarr REST server providing API services
API/Web services (SOAP server) : Enable the Dolibarr SOAP server providing API services
Call WebServices (SOAP client) : Enable the Dolibarr web services client (Can be used to push data/requests to external servers. Only Purchase orders are currently supported.) (Experimental)
Object zapier.png Zapier : Interface with Zapier (In Development)
LDAP : LDAP directory synchronization
OAuth : Enable OAuth authentication
External Site : Add a link to an external website as a main menu icon. Website is shown in a frame under the top menu.
FTP : FTP Client
IP address icon.png GeoIPMaxmind : GeoIP Maxmind conversions capabilities
Object paybox.png PayBox : Offer customers a PayBox online payment page (credit/debit cards). This can be used to allow your customers to make ad-hoc payments or payments related to a specific Dolibarr object (invoice, order etc...)
Object paypal.png Paypal : Offer customers a PayPal online payment page (PayPal account or credit/debit cards). This can be used to allow your customers to make ad-hoc payments or payments related to a specific Dolibarr object (invoice, order etc...)
Stripe : Offer customers a Stripe online payment page (credit/debit cards). This can be used to allow your customers to make ad-hoc payments or payments related to a specific Dolibarr object (invoice, order etc...)
ClickToDial : Integration of a ClickToDial system (Asterisk, ...)
One click Printing : Enable One click Printing System
Receipt printers : Setup of receipt printers
Mailman and SPIP : Mailman or SPIP interface for member module
Object gravatar.png Gravatar : Use online Gravatar service ( to show photo of users/members (found with their emails). Needs Internet access
Dav : Setup a WebDAV server
Webhook : Interface to catch dolibarr triggers and send it to an URL


Scheduled jobs : Scheduled jobs management (alias cron or chrono table)
Debug Logs : Logging facilities (file, syslog, ...). Such logs are for technical/debug purposes
Debug Bar : A tool for developper adding a debug bar in your browser.
Unalterable Archives : Enable an unalterable log of business events. Events are archived in real-time. The log is a read-only table of chained events that can be exported. This module may be mandatory for some countries.


Advanced Stock Transfer : Advanced management of Stock Transfer, with generation of transfer sheet (In Development)

External Modules

External modules are modules you can get on other sources than official sources. They are provided by third parties. Most of them can be found in the marketplace List of external modules is defined on the page Complementary modules.


See page Glossary


All FAQ are available through the index page FAQ EN

Video Tutorials

The association Dolibarr has started making video tutorials on the basic functions of Dolibarr Video Tutorials