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Who.png Why Dolibarr as name for this project ?

This question is still unknown. Only original developer, Rodolphe Quiédeville, could answer this question. In a mail found on a mailing-list, we can learn that Dolores Ibárruri was used to found this name.

How do you pronounce name of project ?

Like this: Dawl-eee-bahr

or to put it another way

  • Doll
  • eee
  • bar

Orientation.png History of Dolibarr development

Dolibarr was started by Rodolphe Quiédeville, from scratch, and saved under CVS, hosted by Savannah, in April 2002. Jean-Louis Bergamo, another April member, started the foundation management module.

  • Version 1.0 was released in September 2003.

Rodolphe works principally on development and win First Place at the Trophées du libre in 2003, in the category "Enterprise management". This was the reason why other developers discovered this new software. Among them Laurent Destailleur realized its first modifications to the project in December 2003. He was then helped by Régis Houssin 1.5 year later, in June 2005. They are the 2 main leaders until today but were helped by many external contributions from other standalone developers or companies. On September 2011, sources were moved onto GitHub and contribution are coming since from all the world.

  • Read page Roadmap for history of other versions.

Régis Houssin and company NLTechno (Laurent Destailleur) are today important sponsors of Dolibarr by offering 2 important developers, web hosting of web sites www.dolibarr.fr / www.dolibarr.org, and the statistics reporting tool.

A lot of other developers, freelances, amateurs or companies (example Auguria) contribute, with their tests, their patch submission on forum or mailing-list to the Dolibarr enhancement.

Laurent Destailleur is now the project leader since 2008.

  • Following page Project statistics gives you a view of the evolution of lines of code.
  • Following page Statistics gives miscellaneous statistics on the Dolibarr project.

Orientation.png The present

Take a look at page Dolibarr_Project for information on the current Dolibarr team.

Orientation.png And the future ?

See last version on page Roadmap

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