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En verysmall.png The vocation of this page is to aggregate some statistics about Dolibarr project.

Fr verysmall.png Le but de cette page est de centraliser l'historique de nombreuses statistiques sur le projet Dolibarr.

Es verysmall.png El propósito de esta página es centralizar las numerosas estadísticas del proyecto Dolibarr.


It is difficult to say how many users use Dolibarr as we don't have this information: As any Opensource software, Dolibarr can be downloaded from any external source we don't have statistics for. But we can provide information from the main download server (that is Real values (included all other distribution sources around world, like, launchpad, hand to hand usb key, and any other software annuary, bittorrent or any ftp mirrors) may be 2 or 10 times more important.

Source/Date 2008-12 2010-02 2011-03 2012-02 2013-12
Sourceforge server (nb of downloads/week) 500 1050 1350 2130 2180
Estimate value from all download sources (nb of downloads/week) x2 x2 x2 x2 x2

Note: Detailed statistics can be download from sourceforge API:

Google insights

See page

Date 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Result of Google insight 42 55 59 71 81


See page:

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Social Networks

Date End 2012 End 2013
Facebook followers 600 10074
Google+ page plusone 210 376
Google+ page followers 0 63
Twitter followers 110 325
Linked In group members 163 229
Youtube channel 60 71


Source: Dolistore admin backoffice -> Stats -> Catalog statistics

Date End 2012 End 2013
Number of products available 98 187

Web site statistics / Statistics des sites / Estadísticas Web sites

Date 2008-12 2010-02 2011-03 2012-01
Web site 9000 visits/month* 16467 visits/month* 24240 visits/month* 31800 visits/month*
Demo 3100 visits/month 3563 visits/month 6209 visits/month 7838 visits/month
Wiki 3000 visits/month
300 pages
8858 visits/month
674 pages
12050 visits/month
765 pages
20331 visits/month
830 pages
Forum 1280 users** 3084 users** 3408 users** 3903 users**

Note: * Source AWStats

Note: ** This is for english forum only. You must also add values for localized dedicated forums (french, spanish, ...) not included here.