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Development rules for internationalization (i18n)

In Dolibarr code, translations are made by using a method available in object $langs with the key to translate as a parameter of this method. The $langs object contains definition of use language. This object is always defined in all pages.

There are two methods:


This method returns the translation of key TRAD_STRING, and encodes the result into HTML entities to allow to display correctly (even with special characters) on an HTML page.


This method returns the translation of key TRAD_STRING, but the result is the translated string with no particular encoding (string is stored in UTF-8 in memory).

These two methods can accept arguments that will be used to replace strings %s in the translated string.

Note: If, as arguments, you use a string that is itself a translated string, you must use method $langs->transnoentitiesnoconv, otherwise the string will be encoded twice. Example:

 print $langs->trans("STRING_TO_TRANSLATE",$langs->transnoentitiesnoconv("STRING_PARAM1"))

Translate Dolibarr into another language

See page Translator documentation