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En verysmall.png The documentation related to other tables is available on the page: Table SQL
Fr verysmall.png La documentation relative aux autres tables est disponible sur la page: Table SQL
Es verysmall.png La documentación relativa a otras tablas se encuentra disponible en la página: Table SQL
De verysmall.png Eine Dokumentation zu weiteren Tabellen ist auf dieser Seite verfügbar: Table SQL
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En verysmall.png Contains invoices sent by suppliers. A supplier invoice can be linked to a supplier order (Table llx_commande_fournisseur) by the Table llx_element_element.

Fr verysmall.png Cette table contient la liste des factures émises par les fournisseurs. Une facture fournisseur peut être liée à une commande fournisseur (Table llx_commande_fournisseur) au travers de la Table llx_element_element

Es verysmall.png Contiene las facturas emitidas por los proveedores. Una factura de proveedor puede estar enlazada con un pedido a proveedor (Table llx_commande_fournisseur) a traves de la Table llx_element_element.



Field Type Null Key Default Extra Description
rowid int(11) NO PRI auto_increment technical index
ref varchar(180) NO invoice number
ref_supplier varchar(180) NO invoice number from supplier
entity int(11) NO 1 See page Field Multi company id. (llx_entity->rowid)
ref_ext varchar(30) NO See page Field ref_ext.
type smallint(6) NO 0 type of invoice (0=Standard invoice, 1=Replacement invoice, 2=Credit note invoice). For the moment only 0 is supported.
fk_soc int(11) NO UNI ID society (llx_societe->rowid)
datec datetime YES NULL creation date
datef date YES NULL date of invoice
date_pointoftax date YES NULL date point of tax (for GB)
date_valid date YES NULL date validation
tms timestamp NO Current date Date of last modification. See page Field Tms.
libelle varchar(255) YES NULL label
paye smallint(6) NO 0 Is the invoice payed (1=yes, 0=otherwise)?
amount double(24,8) NO 0.00000000 amount
remise double(24,8) YES 0.00000000 discount
close_code varchar(16) Code motif clôture sans paiement complet
close_note varchar(128) Commentaire clôture sans paiement complet
tva double(24,8) YES 0.00000000 VAT
localtax1 double(24,8) YES 0.00000000 Special VAT rate 1 (spain)
localtax2 double(24,8) YES 0.00000000 Special VAT rate 2 (spain)
total double(24,8) YES 0.00000000 total amount
total_ht double(24,8) YES 0.00000000 total amount excluding VAT
total_tva double(24,8) YES 0.00000000 total amount of VAT
total_ttc double(24,8) YES 0.00000000 total amount with VAT
fk_statut smallint(6) NO 0 Status of invoice (0=draft, 1=unpayed, 2=payed, 3=abandoned)
fk_user_author int(11) YES MUL NULL ID of user author of invoice (llx_user->rowid)
fk_user_modif int(11) YES MUL NULL ID of user making last change of invoice (llx_user->rowid)
fk_user_valid int(11) YES MUL NULL ID of user validator of invoice (llx_user->rowid)
fk_facture_source int(11) YES MUL NULL ID of the invoice source in case of credit note (llx_facture_fourn->rowid)
fk_projet int(11) YES MUL NULL ID of related project (llx_projet->rowid)
fk_account int(11) YES MUL NULL ID of bank account (llx_bank_account->rowid)
fk_cond_reglement int(11) NO 1 Id of payment condition (llx__c_payment_term->rowid)
fk_cond_reglement int(11) YES MUL NULL ID of payment mode (llx_c_paiement->rowid)
date_lim_reglement date YES MUL NULL date limit for payment
note_private text YES NULL private commentary
note_public text YES NULL public commentary
location_incoterms varchar(255) for incoterms
model_pdf varchar(255)
last_main_doc varchar(255) relative filepath+filename of last main generated document
import_key varchar(14) YES NULL Code used to save the import id. See page Field Import key.
extraparams varchar(255) for stock other parameters with json format
fk_multicurrency int(11) YES NULL ID of currency
multicurrency_code varchar(255)
multicurrency_tx double(24,8) YES 1
multicurrency_total_ht double(24,8) YES 0.00000000
multicurrency_total_tva double(24,8) YES 0.00000000
multicurrency_total_ttc double(24,8) YES 0.00000000



Key Type Fields
uk_facture_fourn_ref UNIQUE ref,entity
uk_facture_fourn_ref_supplier UNIQUE ref_supplier,fk_soc,entity
idx_facture_fourn_date_lim_reglement MULTIPLE date_lim_reglement
idx_facture_fourn_fk_soc MULTIPLE fk_soc
idx_facture_fourn_fk_user_author MULTIPLE fk_user_author
idx_facture_fourn_fk_user_valid MULTIPLE fk_user_valid
idx_facture_fourn_fk_projet MULTIPLE fk_projet



En verysmall.png Attention, if the status is 1 (unpayed) but the field "paye" is also 1 (payed), which should never happen under normal use, the invoice is specified payed.

Fr verysmall.png Attention, si le statut est à 1 (impayée) mais le champ "paye" est à 1 également (payée), ce qui ne devrait jamais arriver dans des conditions normales d'utilisation, la facture est indiquée comme payée.

Es verysmall.png Atención, si el statut está a 1 (impagada) pero el campo "paye" está a 1 también (pagada), cosa que nunca pasa en condiciones normales de uso, la factura se indicará como pagada.