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  • Title: Foundation board meeting
  • Date: 26-3-2015
  • Location: HangOut


Valid members of the board (subscription up to date), present:

   Juanjo Menent
   Florian Henry
   Raphaël Doursenaud
   Jean-Pierre Doursenaud
   Jean Heimbuger
   Phillipe Grand
   Maxime Kohlhaas


  • DevCamp 2015
  14 attendees registered on the wiki
  Probably 3 more without wiki account
  Recording conference the Friday and maybe streaming (link will be communicated later)
  Presentation (with  PDF format preferably) will be last 15min max by person listed in the wiki
  80% refund by Fundation by attendees (special exception for two people from italy from the same company)
  • What happens with Dolistore
  Developer in charge of migration is hard to reach.
  Write a text for remind the developer the dead line of 10 april
  • Buy a regular service to manage the foundation. This is a list of tasks we need and work we need to do:

  Discuss about result
  Mails must be sorted out of inbox once processed.
  Spreadsheet time available here :
  May be delay marketing to patas monkey colaborators
  • Dolibarr Book
  Is dolibarr fundation can be partner to the book ?
  Must read the book before for fundation validation
  • Create a subject Specifics Dev on the forums ?

  No more news, project on stand by
  Define response rule during the devcamp
  • Use GitHub Issues as maintenance tools (
  Need to develop joomla plugin to push issue on GitHub form simple forms
  Need to develop a Dolibarr plugin to send issue to GitHub
  • Dolibarr partner Suisse

TQM Insight is new Dolibarr Preffered Partners. In :

  • A) Before working on any other service/enhancement that the foundation can do/offer, we should enhance automation of already existing tool.

For example, we should: - create a module to sync permission of unix account onto dolibarr foundation servers from dolibarr foundation manager. - upgrade tools on server (doliforge, ...) - automation of payment when a subscription is renewed - automationof sending pdf for subscription Tools spécifications :

   Members validated (payment ok) into Dolibarr of Dolibarr fundation :
   => Create wiki account=> plugin media wiki
   => Create Doliforge account => plugin Tuleap
   => Create DoliStore account => plugin Prestashop
   => Create, account => Plugin Joomla
   => Link paypal members paiement to members status
   => Mailing list => Plugin MailMan done => to test
   => Create unix account
   If members is pass to resiliated =>  remove all acccess
   Désactivé Dans les outils si membre résilié

=> Why not use a LDAP directory?

   Progress ? 
  • Dolibarr ERP & CRM trademark.
   Done France INPI, Europe OHPI, Monde OMPI
  • C) Draft of Dolibarr integrator label
To discuss to DevCamp
  • D) Doliforge "Demande de promotion d'annonce sur Doliforge" process
  DoliForge Platform no more use for issues, so this process wil be no more use a lot
  • E) Vendre 1-2 espaces annonces pub sur sites Dolibarr pour des services autour de Dolibarr en plus de la pub google (qui promeut les autres ERP...)
  To discuss next time (part solved by point on advertising budget)

=> This need to develop tools to manage this: following advertisers, payments, documentations, juridical rules, etc. => LDR: I did some tests to use joomla to add and follow banners. Seems to works correctly.

  • F) news about a Dolibarr German Community (Jean Heimburger)
  Deutch association created 19-Mars-2015.
  The goals of this foundation are the same as our Dolibarr Foundation goals but for the german speacking area (Including also Austria and Swiss : Acronym is D A CH) : promoting Dolibarr in german language, and bringing together all Dolibarr Fans (users, developpers, consultants...).
  First objectives and Goals
     1. Gather all Dolibarr friends in D A CH
     2. Integrate Dolibarr project in German Open source Movement
     3. Communicate about Dolibarr Community Project in German, over all medias available  (social networks, press, sites ...)
     4. Represant Dolibarr Project on major events : specially on the Chemnitzer Linux Tage, (Germany's major Open Source Event next in march 2016), and also earlier events : we speak about OpenRheinRuhr in november 2015.
     5. Build a strong link with Dolibarr Foundation France, and other local Dolibarr groups
     6. Integrate Dolibarr in some Open source tools, linux distributions...
  • What Dolibarr EV needs from Dolibar foundation :
   1. The Dolibarr EV asks to manage the domain ; for an effizient communication in german. We will like to use a copy of, so we can begin rapidely communication in German, and specially restart an official community forum.
   2. To help promotion in Germany, activating the german language in Dolistore is necessary
   3. Dolibarr Foundation should think about a financial contribution to Dolibarr EV for modules solded for the german market on dolistore.
   4. Official Announcements from Dolibarr Foundation Board on Dolibarr sites and network about Dolibarr EV Community in German
   5. Dolibarr Foundation helps first steps by sponsoring some tasks made by Dolibarr EV (for example : event participating like for Linuxtag in Berlin 2014)
   6. A represantive of Dolibarr EV board, should be joined to our foundation board.
  • G) Lot's of Undelivred Mail Sender on mailbox asso from Are we Hacked ?
 To discuss next time
  • H) Discuss to plannified a date reccurent for this kind of meetting (eg first monday,tuesday of each month)