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Message templates to announce new release

List of some message or emails samples used to promote/announce Dolibarr events. Please, feel free to use any content of those messages to promote Dolibarr on any web site you know !


En verysmall.png Release x.x EN

Note: Full list of releases is available at bottom of page


Fr verysmall.png Release x.x FR


Es verysmall.png Release x.x ES


Es verysmall.png Release x.x RU

Messages templates for other purpose

List of some message samples used for any other purpose than announciing new release.


Fr verysmall.png Reponse Mail Demande Inclusion

Fr verysmall.png Reponse Mail Adhésion association


En verysmall.png Answer Mail To Join Team

En verysmall.png Answer Mail Foundation subscription


Es verysmall.png Mail Respuesta Solicitud de Inclusión

Es verysmall.png Respuesta Suscripción Fundación

Documents for formation/presentation

List of documents relating to the presentation and training of Dolibarr


En verysmall.png Not yet available


Fr verysmall.png Pas encore disponible


Es verysmall.png Vídeo 1: Breve presentación

Es verysmall.png Vídeo 2: Inicio 001

Es verysmall.png Vídeo 3: Inicio 002

Where to promote or announce

A list of targets to make Dolibarr promotion is available on page To promote Dolibarr.