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This is a sample of text used to announce a new version.


Dolibarr ERP & CRM X.X has been released.

Short article

The Dolibarr ERP & CRM X.X version is a major upgrade of previous version. More information on Dolibarr ERP & RM web site: As usual for major releases, most plugins and addons available onto market place [] has been upgraded to match this new Dolibarr release.

Long Article

Dolibarr is a free modular software (you see only features you need) to manage small and medium companies, freelancers or foundations. It's an OpenSource software you can install on a web server or as a standalone software. Dolibarr is designed to provide simplicity:

  • Simple to use (any module can be disabled to removed not required features, only the permissions features can not be disabled).
  • Simple to install (with DoliWamp the auto-installer for Windows, DoliDeb, the auto-installer for Ubuntu/Debian, DoliRpm the auto-installer for Fedora-Redhat-Mandriva-Opensuse-Mageia or DoliMamp the auto-installer for Mac OS X, for people who don't know how to install an Apache server, MySQL or PHP. A simple web assistant is available for all other users).
  • Simple for development (no heavy frameworks). Dolibarr, developed in PHP object, incorporates its own natural code, allowing every developer to be immediately operational, with no other knowledge than PHP).

Most important change into this versions are: ...

You can download X.X release candidate packages at

A more complete list of changes is available into changelog at