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The Dolibarr configuration file is conf/conf.php. It is created by the automatic install process. This file contains the system setup. The setup of the applications you plan to use are defined into the setup area of each module, into the application itself (Menu Home - Setup - Modules).


Content of this file is :


Other options:


-> Disable some features to limit software when used as a demo software. This is to avoid that everybody make everything with a demo instance of Dolibarr.


-> When this option is added in conf file, no information will be reported by Dolibarr when an internal error occurs. This is to use in a production environment to hide any information to hackers.


-> Allows to change the way the password is checked when a user ty to login to Dolibarr:

  • Value "dolibarr" means check is done with the password stored in database.
  • "ldap" ask to use a LDAP server (in this case, you must also define other LDAP parameters (See file conf.php.example)
  • "http" use basic http protocol (need to configure your web server to set dolibarr inside a basic authentication area)
$dolibarr_main_force_https = "1";

-> Force url to https.

Dolibarr provide a model of file named conf/conf.php.example where each parameter is commented.

Read/Write file

This file must never be modified, never read directly by any Dolibarr feature.

It is created by the install or update process of Dolibarr (install/index.php) that is the only process allowed to make actions on this file.

Usage in coding

Content of file must be used by developers by using predefined loaded constants or the object $conf created by the code into files or (that must be included at beginning of every PHP program: for scripts or for pages). Your code must never open the config file and read it directly. This is not necessarly.

  • $dolibarr_main_data_root is known in code in constant: DOL_DATA_ROOT (that indicate physical path of directory with data files uploaded or created by Dolibarr).
  • $dolibarr_main_document_root is known in code in constant: DOL_DOCUMENT_ROOT (that indicate physical path of Dolibarr directory programs).
  • $dolibarr_main_url_root is known in code in constant: DOL_URL_ROOT (that indicate relative URL that is Dolibarr root).
  • $dolibarr_main_db_type is known in code on variable $conf->db->type
  • $dolibarr_main_db_host is known in code on variable $conf->db->host
  • $dolibarr_main_db_port is known in code on variable $conf->db->port
  • $dolibarr_main_db_name is known in code on variable $conf->db->name
  • $dolibarr_main_db_user is known in code on variable $conf->db->login
  • $dolibarr_main_db_pass is not known by code. It is read by script that created a connexion object $db then variable $dolibarr_main_db_pass is erased.

See tutorial on page Module development or Script development for more information.