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Module Google

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# The Google Client ID and the Google Client Secret. You can create your Google Client ID and Secret from page {{ModuleGoogleUrlToCreateApiAccount}}, menu "API & Authentication" -> "Credentials". Click on "Create a client ID" and choose "Web Application", set "Allowed Javascript origin" to empty and set "Redirect URI" to the value provided into the "Note" on the setup page. It should be something like http://mycompanydomain/.../google/oauth2callback.php
# Then click on button "Create". You will get a new '''Client ID''' and a '''Secret code'''. Save the Google setup page after filling Client ID and Secret Code.
# A warning should say you don't have yet any Google token saved into your Dolibarr database. Click on the link to authenticate, enter your Google credential if requested (same account than the account entered at step 1) 2 and accept any confirmation. You should go back on the Dolibarr setup page, but a value for the token, saved into your Dolibarr database should appears.
Buttons to make synchronization tests should be available. Click on them to make tests.

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