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Module Timesheet

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= Change logs =
Change log from 1.5
- * Support dolibarr 4.0.1- * Hidden option to join file to timesheets via the setting TIMESHEET_ADD_DOCS
Change log from 1.4.3:
- * Timesheet approval by N+1,- * Reminder (email) for to be approved timesheet possible through dolibarr planned tasks- * admin wiew for the Approval (change a approval status outside the normal approval flow)- * Home box with the pending timesheet to be approved- * Blocking some weekdays (e.g week ends)- * Holiday showed in the timesheet- * Holiday time can be included in the timesheet totals- * Typo correction for French.- * Posibility to add a note- * Compatible with dolibarr 3.9.2
Change log from 1.4.1:
- * Correction of the Spanish language (thanks to vinclar)- * Possible to deactivate the dolibarr Ajax for the dropdown list for the setup page (in case of issue to add whitelist)- * Keep the whitlistmode after submit / go to date / next / previsous week
Change log from 1.4:
- * Bugfix for the tasktime date in the project page- * Link to have the different whitelist behaviour (black list, and none)- * Spanish language (google trad)- * Typo correction for French- * Support the print mode for timesheet & the report- * Show the project open to everyone on the new whitelist page
Change log from 1.3.7:
- * layout improvement: timesheet, setup page, reports- * whitelist to show only some project/task- * taslk column customisation- * new task column: company, parent task- * new report option: report all, export friendly layout- * user report available for the N-2, N-3
Change log from 1.3.6:
- * compatible avec dolibarr 3.7- * Change log from 1.3.3:- * Works with PHP<=5.3- * Possibility to remove the 0:00- * Color code for already filled tasktime / new tasktime and error- * Bux fixes in the report- * Better date dialog- * N+1 is able to check the user report of his N's


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