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Numéro/ID du module 50300
Doc utilisateur du module This page
Doc développeur du module Online Payment Module Architecture


This Stripe module for Dolibarr ERP CRM allows

  • to bind your Dolibarr third parties to Stripe customers
  • to display the list of the Stripe mode of payment in Dolibarr
  • to display the list of payments and payouts in Dolibarr
  • to pay, using Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), for orders, invoices, lines of contracts, subscriptions or any free amount, online, using Stripe ( See the note at bottom of this page to use the version "SCA ready" of module.

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Installation / Upgrade

This module is included with the Dolibarr distribution, so there is no need to install it.

Also, because this is a native module, if you need to upgrade the module, you must just upgrade your Dolibarr application.


To use this module, you must first enable it using an administrator account, via the menu option "Home - Setup - Modules".

Choose the tab where the module is listed. Then click on "Activate".

The module is now activated.

If a cog icon appears Cog circle.svg at end of line of the module, click on it to access the setup page specific to the module.

After clicking on the configuration icon, you will access a page to enter different information. Private and Secret key values for Test mode and Live mode provided by Stripe (to get on are required.

Doc setup stripe 1.png


Once the mandatory identifiers are entered, you can use some URL links, provided by Dolibarr, to make or ask your customers to make online payments. These links are provided as "generic link" on the Stripe configuration page. But you will find them also as "dedicated link" on the page of each invoice, each order, each contract, or each member for the payment of memberships.

This is an exemple of the public interface your customer can use to pay you.

Public interface for payment with Stripe.png


Stripe offers several modes of operation. The old mode is the use of Stripe's "charge" APIs. As of September 2019, these APIs are deprecated to implement the SCA on online payments and 3D Secure v2 ( The v10 is ready for this change. Dolibarr v10 offers 2 other modes of operation:

  • By going to Home - Setup - Other and adding the constant STRIPE_USE_INTENT_WITH_AUTOMATIC_CONFIRMATION to 1, Dolibarr will use the PaymentIntent Stripe APIs according to the workflow "Automatic Confirmation" ( , which is ready for the SCA.
  • By going into Home - Setup - Other and adding the STRIPE_USE_NEW_CHECKOUT constant to 1, Dolibarr will use the CheckOut Stripe APIs according to the "Server Integration" workflow (, which is also ready for the SCA.

When using Dolibarr v11, the default mode is when STRIPE_USE_INTENT_WITH_AUTOMATIC_CONFIRMATION = 1 with no need to change or edit any configuration variable. So if you want to use another method, you must force this constant to 0.