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Dolibarr for Ubuntu or Debian (DoliDeb) is a version of Dolibarr ERP/CRM, packaged with Mysql, PHP and Apache or Lighttpd, with an automatic installer for Ubuntu or Debian users that don't have any technical knowledge.

In a few seconds, after installing this package, you are able to work on Dolibarr, even if you don't have already a web server or if you don't know what is Apache/Lighttpd, Mysql or PHP. Everything is installed for you.

Dolibarr for Ubuntu and Debian is an "all in one" package that can be downloaded from page You will find it into the category "stable versions".


Package DoliDeb of Dolibarr is compatible with :

  • Debian 8+
  • Ubuntu 18.04+


From downloaded .deb package

To install the download .deb package found into the download area of portal, first install the Dolibarr package.

  • For this, just click on the dolibarr.x.y.z.deb file if you use the file manager nautilus.

If you use a terminal console, type:

$ sudo dpkg -i dolibarr_x.y.z-w.w_all.deb

where x.y.z is the dolibarr version, ex. dolibarr_14.0.0-1.1_all.deb

If an error of dependency occurs, type

$ sudo apt-get install -f

This will fix all your system orphan dependencies.

Note: If after setup, you experience troubles using WYSIWYG module, go into file /etc/dolibar/conf.php and comment line


From zip

Warning.png This method meand you make a manual installation. It is not a debian or ubuntu related solution but a generic solution. So see the generic tutorial of a Dolibarr installation.

Other information

Following information are usefull for Dolibarr team to maintain package into Debian: