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Help About Screen: Limits and accuracy Setup

Menu Path: Home ► Setup ► Limits and accuracy

Limits/Precision setup

Limits and accuracy Setup
Limits and accuracy Setup

You can define limits, precision and optimizations used by Dolibarr
Warning.png All the parameters will be effective for the next input (no correction of existing data's)


  • Max. decimals for unit prices : Set the maximum decimals for unit prices (default : 5)
  • Max. decimals for total prices : Set the maximum decimals for unit prices (default : 2)
  • Max. decimals for prices shown on screen. Add an ellipsis ... after this parameter (e.g. "2...") if you want to see "..." suffixed to the truncated price.
  • Step of rounding range (for countries where rounding is done on something other than base 10. For example, put 0.05 if rounding is done by 0.05 steps)


This section shows some examples of calculation when using the configuration