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En verysmall.png This script is used to build one PDF that contains several other PDF. You can choose rules to define which invoice PDF you include or exclude to build the merged target PDF.

Fr verysmall.png Ce script fabrique un fichier PDF à partir d'autres fichiers PDF. Vous choisissez en ligne de commande les règles pour définir quel PDF vous incluez ou excluez pour fabriquer le PDF cible.

Es verysmall.png Este script crea un fichero PDF a partir de otros ficheros PDF.


  • /dolibarr/scripts/invoices/rebuild_merge_pdf.php


To run the script, go into the directory with script file and just type the php file as a command name:


If you get an error "File not found" or "Permission denied", try to launch the command by adding php or php-cli (with or without full path of php command) before the script name

php rebuild_merge_pdf.php 
/usr/bin/php-cli rebuild_merge_pdf.php

To build/merge PDF for invoices with at least one payment in a date range, use parameter filter=payments (dates should have format YYYYMMDD):

rebuild_merge_pdf.php filter=payments dateafter datebefore

To build/merge PDF for invoices in a date range (dates should have format YYYYMMDD):

rebuild_merge_pdf.php filter=date dateafter datebefore

To build/merge PDF for all invoices, use filter=all

rebuild_merge_pdf.php filter=all

To build/merge PDF for invoices with no payments, use filter=nopayment

rebuild_merge_pdf.php filter=nopayment

To exclude credit notes, use

rebuild_merge_pdf.php filter=nocreditnote

To exclude replacement invoices, use

rebuild_merge_pdf.php filter=noreplacement

To exclude deposit invoices, use

rebuild_merge_pdf.php filter=nodeposit

To choose language for output PDF, use parameter lang=langcode

Some examples:

rebuild_merge_pdf.php filter=payments 20080101 20081231 lang=fr_FR
rebuild_merge_pdf.php filter=all lang=it_IT

The merged PDF is generated in /documents/facture/temp

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