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En verysmall.png This script send an email to all sales representatives that are linked to a customer third party with at least one unpaid invoice.

Fr verysmall.png Ce script envoie un email à tous les commerciaux associés à un tiers clients qui possède au moins une facture impayées.

Es verysmall.png Este script envía un e-mail a todos los comerciales asociados a un tercero cliente que tenga al menos una factura impagada.


  • /dolibarr/scripts/invoices/email_unpaid_invoices_to_representatives.php


php email_unpaid_invoices_to_representatives.php [test|confirm] [delay]

This script send an email to users to remind all unpaid invoices of customers they are sale representative for.

If you choose 'test' mode, no emails are sent.

If you add a delay (nb of days), only invoice with due date < today + delay are included.

The emails sent will looks like this by default:

List of unpaid invoices

This list contains only invoices for third parties you are linked to as a sales representative.

Invoice FA1303-0017 : 100 euros : The great company

Total = 100

However you can set option SCRIPT_EMAIL_UNPAID_INVOICES_HEADER and SCRIPT_EMAIL_UNPAID_INVOICES_FOOTER to change content of email that is before and after list of invoices (html accepted).

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