Roadmap and Release 3.3.0 ("gpl v3+" version)

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Version: 3.3.0 (List of other versions on page Category:RoadMap)
Release date: January 2013
Main focus (What developers has mainly worked on, but not only, so for full list of changes see the detailed ChangeLog):

  • Uniformizing of code
  • War against major missing and not stable features

Detailed Changelog:

For users:

- New: Add holiday module, to declare and follow holidays of your employees.
- New: Add margin management module.
- New: Add new theme Amarok.
- New: [ task #289 ] Can reorder tasks.
- New: Add field "signature" into user card. If filled, text is added at end of predefined email texts. If option MAIN_MAIL_DO_NOT_USE_SIGN is on, this feature is disabled.
- New: Can input a payment back onto an credit note.
- New: Add link "Back to list" on all cards.
- New: After first install, warning are visible onto mandatory setup not configured. Show also total number of activated modules.
- New: Can filter list of proposal, order or invoice on sales representative.
- New: Add supplier ref on supplier orders.
- New: Can export supplier orders and customers shipments.
- New: First change to install external plugins from gui (experimental). 
- New: Monaco is like France for default vat calculation
- New: Can list elements (invoices, orders or proposals) on a particular user contact). This allow to view a "basket" of its elements.
- New: Show bank account on payment list of invoice card.
- New: Cloning project allow to clones task, notes, files, contacts. 
- New: Enhance default style.
- New: Can edit and resiliate member status from list.
- New: Can insert URL links into elements lines. Also reported into PDF.
- New: When a member is validated, we can subscribe to mailing-lists according to its type.
- New: Add a tab into members statistics to count members by nature.
- New: Add link to third party into sells and purchase journal.
- New: Suggest a method to generate a backup file for user with no access to mysqldump binary.
- New: Can also use extrafields on contacts/addresses and users.
- New: Support unique field for extrafields.
- New: Extra fields supports more types (int, string, double, date, datetime).
- New: Can correct stock of a warehouse from warehouse card.
- New: [ task #185 ] Can input amount when correcting stock to recalculate PMP.
- New: [ task #454 ] Add "No category" into filters on category.
- New: Auto check box on page to edit interface options of user.
- New: More surface control on stock correction page.
- New: Add great britain provinces.
- New: [ task #494 ] Send an email to foundation when a new member has auto-subscribed.
- New: [ task #326 ] Add a numbering module to suggest automatically a product ref.
- New: Add conditional substitution IF/ELSEIF/ENDIF for ODT templates.
- New: Add unit foot2, inch2, foot3 and inch3 for surface and volumes.
- New: Can select thirdparties into emailing targets, even if module category is not enabled.
- New: [ task #498 ] Improvement of the block to add products/services lines.
- New: ECM autodir works also for files joined to products and services.
- New: Add a selection module for emailing to enter a recipient from gui.
- New: Allow to search thirds and products from barcodes directly from the permanent mini search left box.
- New: Allow to search product from barcodes directly from invoices, proposals... through AJAX.
- New: Can make one invoice for several orders.
- New: POS module can works with only one payment method (cach, chq, credit card).
- New: Add possibility to defined position/job of a user.
- New: Add hidden option to add slashes between lines into PDF.
- New: [ task #210 ] Can choose cash account during POS login.
- New: [ task #104 ] Can create an invoice from several orders.
- New: Update libs/tools/logo for DoliWamp (now use PHP 5.3).
- New: Added ODT Template tag {object_total_discount}
- New: Add new import options: Third parties bank details, warehouses and stocks, categories and suppliers prices
- New: English bank account need a bank code (called sort code) to identify an account. 
- New: Can choose menu entry to show with external site module.
- New: [ task #314 ] Can define if prof id are mandatory or not.
- New: Add button on order card to create intervention from services.
- New: Add search box to find products by supplier reference.
- New: Add option MAIN_HELPCENTER_LINKTOUSE to define target link "I need help" onto logon page. 
- New: [ task #608 ] Can clone a supplier order with prices updates
- New: [ task #559 ] Can define a discount % regarding quantity in supplier prices and price by quantity in customer prices
- New: [ task #527 ] After cloning a suplier invoice, go onto invoice ref into edit mode

New experimental module:

- New: Add commissions management module.

- Fix: [ bug #499 ] Supplier order input method not translated
- Fix: No images into product description lines as PDF generation does not work with this.
- Fix: Errors weren't being shown in customer's & supplier's orders
- Fix: Lastname wasn't being recorded in xinputuser emailing module.
- Fix: [ bug #653 ] Error while creating agenda additional attributes
- Fix: [ bug #654 ] Event rapport PDF showing ActionAC_OTH_AUTO
- Fix: [ bug #658 ] Search on bank do not work for description
- Fix: [ bug #659 ] Comment in recurrent invoices is not stored
- Fix: [ bug #622 ] Attaching wrong file when sending the invoice via e-mail

For developers:

- New: Add webservice for thirdparty creation and list.
- New: A module can overwrite templates parts.
- New: Can add a link on title field of added dictionnary.
- New: Uniformize code.
- New: A module can add several css and js.
- New: removed deprecated methods ldap::connect, formadmin::select_lang, html::select_tva
- New: Add custom substitution function for ODT product lines: mymodule_completesubstitutionarray_lines()
- New: Basic implementation of hooks and triggers for a lot (most) of core modules: action/calendar, trips and expenses, dons, vat payment, contact/society, contract, product lines, expedition, order supplier and order invoice (lines included), intervention card, project, tasks.
- New: Add ChromePHP output into syslog module.
- New: Add PRODUCT_PRICE_MODIFY trigger.
- New: Created function to retrieve total amount of discount of an invoice/proposal...
- New: We can use a dynamic value ($conf->global->XXX for example) into titles of menus.
- Qual: Renamed all ficheinter.class.php triggers so that they start with 'FICHINTER_'
- Fix: [ bug #655 ] ORDER_REOPEN trigger incorrectly named
- Fix: [ bug #656 ] Contracts trigger CONTRACT_MODIFY incorrectly named
- Fix: [ bug #657 ] Usergroup class' GROUP_DELETE trigger incorrectly named

For translators:

- New: Update language files (de, tr, pt, ca, es, en, fr).
- New: Added bg_BG autotranslated language.
- New: Translate the donation receipt.