Roadmap and Release 2.7.1

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Version: 2.7.1 (List of other versions on page Category:RoadMap)
Release date: 2009-12-30
Main focus (What developers has mainly worked on, but not only, so for full list of changes see the detailed ChangeLog):

  • Only a maintenance release to fix some bugs of 2.7.0

Detailed Changelog:

***** ChangeLog for 2.7.1 compared to 2.7 *****

For users:
- Fix: Bad decimal management for it_IT and fr_BE languages.
- Fix: A third party created from a member is created as a 
- Fix: Change of numbering module was not effective.
- Fix: Report of balance missing supplier invoices.
- Fix: Running sendmaing-email.php script.
- Fix: Detection of country for IBAN management.
- Fix: Update member photo.