Roadmap and Release 2.1.0

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Version: 2.1.0 (List of other versions on page Category:RoadMap)
Release date: Never released
Main focus (What developers has mainly worked on, but not only, so for full list of changes see the detailed ChangeLog):

  • No particular focus.

Detailed Changelog:

- Added a better installer. - Support user and groups permissions. - Translation in english and support for several languages. - New enhanced look and several new themes. - Small search boxes for each Dolibarr elements (invoices, contracts, orders, proposals...) - Added an export assistant module to export main dolibarr data. - Added backup tool to backup database via mysqldump. - Added product categories management with a categorie tree. - Management of companies' discounts (relative or absolute). - Support credit note and discounts (relative and absolute) on commercial proposal, orders and invoices. - Support multi-langual description for products. - Graphical enhancements (picto to describe all status). - Added more permissions (ie: can restrict access for a commercial user to elements of its companies only). - Little enhancements to OSCommerce module. - Added a second OSCommerce module working through web services. - Added a Mantis module to have a Mantis application in Dolibarr menu. - Building a PDF document for invoices works like other modules. You can change model just before generating the PDF. - Can generate documents (PDF) for customer orders. Can send them by mail. - Added FPDI and FPDI_Protection (ie: PDF with password-protection) - Can make one payment for several supplier invoices. - Rule to suggests passwords when creating a user are in modules allowing to add easily other rules. - Option to encrypt passwords in database (MD5). - Add Dolibarr triggers support on users creation/change. - Add Dolibarr triggers support on payments. - Add Dolibarr triggers on supplier and customers orders. - Webcalendar triggers for actions on Member module. - Support optionnal new javascript popup selector for date fields. - Support for several RSS boxes in external RSS module. Setup easier. - Can attach documents on Action, Orders, Invoices, Commercial proposals. - Can attach contacts on proposals, orders, contracts, invoices. - Preview on results of PDF generator modules in setup pages. - Code cleaner. Remove unused or duplicate code. - Save and show last connexion date for users. - Enhancements on a lot of forms for better ergonomy. - Can add/remove company logo. - Added LDAP synchronisation for users, groups and/or contacts. - Can configure your own SMTP server/port for mail sendings. - Works even on "UTF8 by default" systems (Mysql, Linux...) - Better compatibility with different PHP version or setup. - Added mysqli driver. - Add a WISIWYG editor (FCKEditor) to edit note and comment areas. - Added AJAX features like a 'search product selector'. - Modules boxes on main page can be dragged and dropped (with firefox only). - Support for PHP5. - Experimental support for Postgresql (not working yet, but waiting feedbacks). - Removed obsolete files and documentation. - Added admin tools (backup and files purge). - Added a tool to build a lang package. - Added a tool to build a module package. - Added a tool to build a theme package. - Traduction more complete. - Added skeletons for code examples. - Lot of fixes after 2.0 release not fixed in 2.0.1. - Added more security option (ie: encrypted password in database)