Roadmap and Release 18.0.0

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Version: 18.0 (List of other versions on page Category:RoadMap)
Release date: 18/08/2023
Main focus (What developers has mainly worked on, but not only, so for full list of changes see the detailed ChangeLog):

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Detailed Changelog:

For uses:

NEW: Work for PHP 8.2 compatibility (not yet complete).
NEW: Module Workstations Management upgraded to stable status.
NEW: Module Webhook upgraded to stable status
NEW: #23436 Group social networks fields
NEW: Accountancy - Add specific page to export accounting data rather than the journals page
NEW: Accountancy - Add sub-account balance FPC22
NEW: Accountancy - Manage customer retained warranty FPC21+
NEW: Accountancy - Manage intra-community VAT on supplier invoices - FPC22
NEW: Accountancy - iSuiteExpert export model
NEW: Accountancy - Quadratus export with attachments in accountancy export
NEW: Accountancy - Can filter on a custom group of accounts. Perf or ledger list.
NEW: Can upload a file with drag and drop on purchase invoice, vats, salaries and social contributions 
NEW: Authentication: #22740 add OpenID Connect impl
NEW: Authentication: add experimental support for Google OAuth2 connexion
NEW: Authentication: can now edit service name for OAuth token
NEW: Add a public virtual card page for each user
NEW: Add a status on supplier price ref (WIP to close a supplier ref)
NEW: add bookmarks in selectable landing pages for users
NEW: Add column ext_payment_site into societe_rib to allow multiple payment mode
NEW: add convertion of images to webp for a single image in website media editor
NEW: Add CRC for currency symbol before amount
NEW: add customer code to invoices listing
NEW: Add filter on nb of generation done in list of recurring invoices
NEW: Add filters and sort on product unit column
NEW: Add link to edit VAT list from error message of missing VAT
NEW: add margins in paiement/card.php
NEW: Add mass action delete on VAT
NEW: Add origin info when create a product batch when created from a movement stock
NEW: Add possibility to choose format #21426
NEW: Add SQL contraint on product_stock table to allow only exsting product and warehouse #23543
NEW: Add STRIPE_DEBUG, a way to log Stripe IPN
NEW: An external module can modify the quick search fields
NEW: Auto activate some modules on install (Export/Import/Wysiwyg editor)
NEW: Autofill email form with the email template with status "Default" on
NEW: Bank name no more mandatory on creation. Can be generated if empty.
NEW: Bank: Add fields zip, town, country for owner of a bank account
NEW: batch referential objets
NEW: Can add the add now link on date into addfieldvalue()
NEW: Can bin accounting line for a given month
NEW: Can edit account on miscellaneous payment (if not transfered)
NEW: Can edit inline the VAT number from supplier tab
NEW: Can fill date of salary payment with date of start of salary
NEW: Can go back to draft on shipment when stock change not on validate
NEW: Can modify bank account of sepa payment (if file not sent yet)
NEW: Customers: add date due and labels into customer comm card
NEW: Can select the export format during export of journals
NEW: Can set a checkbox in formconfirm by clicking on the label
NEW: Can set flag default value on email templates
NEW: Can set the page "List of opportunities" as landing page
NEW: Can show the sql request used on emailing selection
NEW: can stay on edit field when errors occurs
NEW: comment in api_mymodule for seperate methods
NEW: create email substitution variable for intervention signature URL
NEW: Debug the custom CSS feature to avoid a directory search/scan at
NEW: dev name
NEW: Disable bad reputation product price
NEW: dolExplodeIntoArray can accept regex
NEW: dol_sort_array can sort on alphabetical order even if val is num
NEW: element time integration code + SQL
NEW: Email: don't have closed contact proposed as receiver for the mails
NEW: Email-Collector: add field reply-to in email collector as possible filter
NEW: Email-Collector: substitute date now in email collector
NEW: Email-Collector: operation type in email collector to load or create contact
NEW: Email-Collector: easier setup - can also use ! for negative search
NEW: Events: can add any contact on events if global MAIN_ACTIONCOM_CAN_ADD_ANY_CONTACT is set at 1
NEW: Events: list with color
NEW: expend/collapse list of social networks
NEW: Filter on amount and qty on list of service's contracts
NEW: formconfirm can support field with format datetime
NEW: getCommonSubstitutionArray to have more substitute keys
NEW: GeoIP: Can test a geoip conversion from the geoip setup page
NEW: GUI: add a CSS editor into the admin GUI
NEW: GUI: add dropdown button actions (example on Create button on project)
NEW: GUI: color for start date and owner
NEW: GUI: new tab for reception and shipment
NEW: GUI: better design for the page of discounts of a thirdparty
NEW: GUI: can set background style with MAIN_LOGIN_BACKGROUND_STYLE
NEW: Help: Tooltip to explain how to add a photo on a product
NEW: Help: Possibility to link to German pages in help
NEW: helper functions for dates + small demo case
NEW: hook printFieldListFrom in contact list
NEW: HR - Salary: can modify the date of payment of a salary (if not reconciled)
NEW: HR - Salary: date for salary payment includes the hour/min
NEW: HR - Salary: adding button Send Email on the salary file
NEW: Import: filter on entity in import
NEW: Import: map table to element for get entity in import
NEW: inc.php: handle parameters from argv
NEW: Invoice - show category of operations
NEW: Keep a link between user created from recruitment and application
NEW: List product in orders
NEW: Mass Actions: Better responsive for mass actions
NEW: Members: add numbering modules for members
NEW: Members: add widget box_members_by_tags.php
NEW: Members: Captcha for public member's subscription form
NEW: migration script + delete old table + rename fields and indexes
NEW: MRP MO: Dynamic choice of warehouse and batch in MO production.
NEW: Multicurrency REST API to create, update, delete, update rate...
NEW: Multiselect for filter on prospection status
NEW: [Bulk delete Project tasks]
NEW: No overwrite of optionals during put() contact
NEW: Notifications: add Customer Order delivered (ORDER_NEW) in module Notification
NEW: Notifications: for Sign or Refused Propal from Online Page
NEW: Now we can edit amount on VAT and salaries clone action
NEW: only get openned contact from liste_contact function, to not have acces to closed contact as mail receiver
NEW: Option to manage deposit slips for more payment modes (not only
NEW: Option to show column for field and line selection on the left
NEW: Orders: add sub total in order list det
NEW: Orders export: allow to export field 'shipment method'
NEW: payment default values when supplier order created from reception
NEW: Payment : manage contracts
NEW: presend mass action in contact list
NEW: Print PDF: category of operation for crabe PDF model
NEW: Print PDF: Name and date to print on PDF Sign
NEW: Print PDF: Use the more recent PDF templates for documents by default on a fresh install
NEW: product images on popup are cached
NEW: Products: Add statistics by amount on statistics of products.
NEW: Proposals: filter for Signed+Billed in proposals
NEW: Proposals: can modify margin rates in offers like VAT rates
NEW: Proposals: option filter for NoSalesRepresentativeAffected in proposals list
NEW: Provide the oldcopy value when calling setValueFrom() function with a trigger key
NEW: Reception: can receive more than qty ordered on reception
NEW: referential objects of batch
NEW: remove default percentage for event creation url
NEW: remove keys whose table element is the same as element in map list
NEW: repair script skip views
NEW: Security: Save date to invalidate other session into user table
NEW: Security: Invalidate all sessions of a user when password is modified.
NEW: search on time spent duration range
NEW: sepaStripe now creates the payment mode with type pm_ using new API
NEW: set payment default values when supplier order created from reception
NEW: set today start time at beginning
NEW: Show counter of access of website in website list
NEW: Show main currency in company info user tooltip
NEW: Show module into list of emails templates
NEW: Show picto into the combobox of widgets
NEW: Show supplier invoice ref of direct debit transfer tab invoices
NEW: show supplier name in getNomUrl of supplier order
NEW: sort of column of custom group of account
NEW: Supplier Invoices: add ability of ODT support to supplier invoices
NEW: Stock limit for alert and desired optimal stock by product and warehouse import
NEW: Stock: Add warehouse create and modify triggers.
NEW: Stock: Can select several warehouses into the view stock at date in past
NEW: Support different bank account for several direct debit payments
NEW: Support multiselect in the warehouse selection combo box
NEW: Survey: Comment on survey is possible only after vote.
NEW: tables: llx_element_time to store time spent on several elements (mo, ticket...)
NEW: TakePOS: adapt category and product pictures sizes on TakePOS
NEW: TakePOS: limit load products in TakePOS
NEW: The batch for remind on due date can be setup for using validation date
NEW: The refresh link for imap collector is always visible
NEW: The upgrade process can be done by creating a file upgrade.unlock
NEW: Tickets: --Send an email when ticket assigned--
NEW: Tickets: Send a notification email when ticket assigned
NEW: Tickets: set ticket status to answered if the client has answered from the public interface
NEW: Tickets: added an option to display the progress of tickets on the public interface
NEW: Tickets: add link to thirdparty tickets history
NEW: Tickets: notify also the contributor affected to a ticket if a new message public is post (add global TICKET_PUBLIC_NOTIFICATION_NEW_MESSAGE_ALSO_CONTRIBUTOR)
NEW: Use a cache file for external RSS in calendar
NEW: Use by default the domain $dolibarr_main_url_root for SMTP HELO
NEW: use more recent model by default
NEW: VAT can be modified during add of line
NEW: Website Module: Increment website counter on each page access in website module
NEW: write all fields and their properties in asciidoc format
NEW: Can add an array of several links in date selector
NEW: Option PDF_SHOW_PHONE_AFTER_USER_CONTACT to show phone after specific assigned contact on PDF
NEW: Option PDF_SHOW_EMAIL_AFTER_USER_CONTACT to show email after specific assigned contact on PDF
NEW: Widgets: Implement MAIN_ACTIVATE_FILECACHE on birthday widget
NEW: Widgets: Add widget "The next upcoming events"
NEW: Widgets: Add widget of open opportunities
NEW: use an ajax component to switch prospection status on thirdparty list
NEW: Add partial payment reason "withholding tax"

For developers or integrators:

NEW: Make it possible to select hours and minutes in form_confirm
NEW: add triggers on mailing
NEW: Add a trigger when create a shipping line batch and fix propagate missing errors
NEW: add function for listiong objects from directory
NEW: add helplist property to describe fields of objects
NEW: add hook in loadLotStock() in html.formproduct.class.php file, add hook 'llxFooter', Add hook online sign
NEW: Update lib parsedownto 1.7.4, phpspreadsheet lib to v1.12, ESCPOS v3.0, jquery, Stripe.
NEW: Support contact in post() document API
NEW: More APIs (update currency rate, upload of supplier documents, ...)
NEW: ModuleBuilder: updating in modulbuilder on tab Menu when adding object
NEW: ModuleBuilder: add/edit permissions
NEW: ModuleBuilder: better generated documentation
NEW: add sent info in the parameters provided to the hook sendMailAfter
NEW: add setAsSelectUser into factory for generic setup page
NEW: add option keepspace into dol_string_nospecialchar()


Following changes may create regressions for some external modules, but were necessary to make Dolibarr better:
* Minimal PHP version is now PHP 7.1 instead of PHP 7.0
* The deprecated method "escapeunderscore()" of database handlers has been removed. You must use "escapeforlike()" instead.
* The method "nb_expedition()" has been renamed into "countNbOfShipments()" 
* Revert default type of hooks. Default is now 'addreplace' hooks (and exception become 'output' hooks, that become deprecated).
* Deprecated property libelle removed from entrepot class.
* The type 'text' in ->fields property does not accept html content anymore. Use the type 'html' for that.
* The module for WebService SOAP API have been deprecated. Use instead the Webservice REST API module.
* The method htmlPrintOnlinePaymentFooter() used for public footer pages has been renamed into htmlPrintOnlineFooter() and moved into company.lib.php
* The method getCheckOption() and deleteCPUser() of class Holiday has been removed (it was not used)