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  • Title: Foundation board meeting
  • Date: 12 / 03 / 2024
  • Location: Online with NextCloud


Valid members of the board (subscription up to date), present:

  • Philippe GRAND
  • Maxime KOHLHAAS
  • Nicolas ZABOURI
  • Alexandre SPANGARO
  • Emmanuel OYEZ
  • Florian HENRY (late)


New Dolibarr board

Maxime Kohlhaas is renewed as president of the foundation

Florian Henry is renewed as secretary of the foundation

Alexandre Spangaro is nominated as treasurer

=> Florian will prepare official documents for the board changes

Brand protection renewal

Process to renew the "Dolibarr" brand protection has started

Assurance Responsabilité Civile

Go for not cyber, only responsabilité civile : Validated for Onlynnov => Maxime : Sign the proposal (+2)


Laurent will work on the future Dolistore as a Dolibarr module, next information in May about the project Nicolas will test (+1)


Summer DevCamp 2024 (max 50 places) : Montpellier => Date: 6 june to 9 june 2024 => Max 4 persons from the same company => Communication by emailing to the preferred partners, Laurent this week => Communication on the forum and website, Alexandre around 10 april

Winter DevCamp 2024 (max 70 places, 40 hotel rooms) : Nancy (Mercure hotel Nancy) => Dates: 14 november to 17 november 2024

Summer DevCamp 2025 : Valence => Date : 29 may to 1 june => To be organized

Install NextCloud

it's available. Next board will be on visio with this software. Test is done, work's well for the first meeting

Task done by Laurent during past month (access not public)

Graphical chart of flyers and kakemono

We can ask Anthony if he can continue the work (Paid prestation to build the documents). Flyers AND kakemono must however be usable with Scribus OR Inkscape. => a PR from exoia was merge with the source of the their proposal => Florian reaches Anthony or Olivier to have news on this

Dolibarr lawyer

=> Fundation validate the proposal form SHIFT-Avocat of 2 day of work for analysis note => Waiting return from the lawyer

Preferred partner

=> 2 request. 1 not accepted, and one need more informations, two not compliant resilied

Working around Commission

=> Board will have meeting abut this subject only the 15th march between 12h and 14h

=> Les Commissions de l’Association

GIF(F): Groupement d’intérêt Fonctionnel (et financier)

4 GIF in progress...

=> Tenant need to made invoice to fundation

=> Other GIFF Still work to do

Migrate AppViser page to the foundation

On going :

DoliDay at Pau

Organised by PragmaTech on april, we valid the financial participation new Publish on