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  • Title: Foundation board meeting
  • Date: 15 / 09 / 2023
  • Location: Online with Jitsi


Valid members of the board (subscription up to date), present:

  • Philippe Grand
  • Maxime KOHLHAAS
  • Jean Heimburger
  • Laurent Destailleur
  • Florian Henry


Assurance Responsabilité Civile

Go for not cyber, only responsabilité civile

Validated for Onlynnov

=> TODO (3) Maxime

Dolibarr lawyer

=> April gave some contacts for a new lawyer. Laurent will contact some of them to get price (situation of trademark violation will be discuss when new lawyer will be choose). => Meeting is scheduled 26th september with another Lawyer regarding foundation status

Preferred partner

- Response message type to define => TODO (2) Maxime

- Preferred partner to validate => A lot of pending request were open to be preferred partner. The Dolibarr found has made an answer (OK or KO) for each of them. MB Informatique has been accepted as a new Preferred Partner. Others have been refused or an answer has been sent to ask them to complete their request with more information. The Dolibarr foundation is up to date with all requests.

- Link for preferred partners => The Dolibarr tool to check the URL on preferred partner web site has been enabled. Some partner still have no the link. An enhancement must be done in the tool :

   - We must reset to 0 when the link is found => TODO (1) Laurent
   - The filter on status approved must be fixed => TODO (1)  Laurent

- Reflexion around the foundation management (workshops, community manager, communication, ...) => Some people propose to be invest in the fundation with specifics roles

- Reflexion about having someone (employee by the foundation ?) to deal with many tasks for the foundation => TODO (1) Philippe Scofoni Creation of a task list to define what missions can be done by this person

Rules Elibility to Front page on dolistore

Proposal : Only modules eligible to Front page on Dolistore must fullfill these criteria

 - with a link to documentation
 - from a Dolibarr Preferred Partner
 - maximum ok 10 modules by partner
 - only the one compatible with last stable Dolibarr version
 - only one version per module (as functionnal feature module not based on named)
 - an exception can be done for free modules that are really interesting

=> Need to add 2 specific fields on module cards for editors to fill : documentation link => TODO (2) Nicolas: Must complete the wiki page about rule of dolistore with a new chapter


Regis has delivered the work to enhance the Dolistore platform. The 2 main enhancement are :

   - A feature to send a message to the editor of the module to warm it when a module is disabled
   - A new field "support" is available and is mandatory when the price is > 0

We need to test and publish them in production => TODO (1) Laurent

Make proposal for specification on Dolibarr e-Commerce

=> GIFF to organize to have workshops and define the specification for this project => Goal is to have a specification about an e-commerce module in Dolibarr and to replace the Dolistore website (currently on Prestashop) => A consultation will be made to seek for developers to implement this module based on the specification

Note by LDR: Step by step contribution may be more efficient than GIFF. This is the next step: A step to go to walk toward the eCommerce into Dolibarr is to create a template of the existing DoliStore, into the Dolibarr CMS (header, menu, terms of service, contact, basket, one page for a product..., no need for dynamic page working, just static template with content as it is on Dolistore).

Accountancy In Dolibarr Foundation

=> Banking4Dolibarr to be fully deployed before next fiscal year Philippe and Alexandre have started to work on the automatic reconciliation. Some minor things to fix...

Renew Dolibarr Mark Trading

=> Renewal is planned when the trademark will expire. Will be done by "IP Trust" => A supervision of trading registration has been subscribed. => The board agrees on the extension of Dolibarr brand for center african countries (OAPI). Other countries were already included by the World registration (Madrid)

Dolibarr portal for partners

=> Easya Solution: first sprint start 5 july, delivery mid August => Some PR were pushed and some were merged into develop branch. => We hope to have a new module to have preferred partner to manage their account for end of year.


Winter DevCamp 2023 (max 30 places) => Place : Lyon => Date : 16 to 19 november => Hotel is booked. A project must be created => TODO Easya will complete the project in Dolibarr and send the mail for the first subscription. The new rule to limit number of attendees of the same company must be included into email and on the subscription page (public note ?)...

Summer DevCamp 2024 (max 30 places) => Place to be define : Montpellier => Date could be 30-may to 2 june or 6 june to 9 june => Date to confirm and defined by Laurent Magnin

Winter DevCamp 2024 => Place : Nancy (probably mercure hotel Nancy) => Date 28-november - 1-decembre

Summer DevCamp 2025 => Place : Valence => Date : 29 may to 1 june

German community

=> Devcamp 22 to 24 september at Pottmes near Augsburg - Munich (Mix with DoliDay the friday morning) => 10 subscriptions for now => Question about funding for the event : => Laurent will participate in visio friday et 16h => Label Devcamp Germany 2023 created on GitHub => Jean H. need permission on en and fr forum to publish a news => TODO Alexandre ?

Switch from Google analytics to Matomo

=> TODO (2) Nicolas: will investigate.

Install NextCloud

=> Server 3 for has been closed. The server can be reused to install NextCloud, ....

=> TODO (2) Easya will send the OS to install on it to install NextCloud.

Task done by Laurent during past month (access not public)

GIF(F): Groupement d’intérêt Fonctionnel (et financier)

4 GIF in progress...

Migrate AppViser page to the foundation

On going :

Organisation DolibarrDay by Altairis

=> TODO (1) The Dolibarr foundation (Florian Henry) must contact Christophe to be present at the next meeting to discuss about this idea.

Graphical chart of flyers and kakemono

=> We can ask Anthony if he can continue the work (Paid prestation to build the documents). Flyers AND kakemono must however be usable with Scribus OR Inkscape.

Trimestrial Meeting for developers

TODO (2) Action A. Spangaro: A.Spangaro will send a draft to promote a trimestrial meeting with Dolibarr Preferred Partners to discuss about co-module developpement, integration of external module into Dolibarr Core..... To be planned.

TODO (2) Action A. Spangaro : Propose a first date to preferred partners / developers with a topic. How to organize such events will be reviewed after first try.

=> Content and format still to define

Two labels for preferred partners ?

Create Two Labels or make things clear for the existing label Preferred Partner ?

Nicolas wants this minimum for a Partner Developer: - 3 PR per year - One post on the forum - One physical or online event Nicolas wants this minimum for a Partner Integrator/Trainer - 1 issue per year - Can provide name of 3 installations per year. - 1 physical or online event

TODO (8) Nicolas suggest a name of new label and create a draft wiki page with the new condition

Open Invention network

=> Laurent will fill the application form to have Dolibarr part of the group => Subscription process on going => TODO (4) Laurent