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  • Title: Foundation board meeting
  • Date: 18 / 07 / 2023
  • Location: Online with Jitsi


Valid members of the board (subscription up to date), present:

  • Philippe Grand
  • Nicolas ZABOURI
  • Maxime KOHLHAAS
  • Philippe Scoffoni
  • Alexandre Spangaro
  • Jean Heimburger


  • For the next meeting:

- Keep old bank account but low operation have to be made to keep Compte Epargne we need this old bank account

- Reflexion around the foundation management (workshops, community manager, ...)

  • Elibility to Front page on dolistore

Proposal : Only modules eligible to Front page on Dolistore must fullfill these criteria

 - with a link to documentation
 - from a Dolibarr Preferred Partner
 - maximum ok 10 modules by partner
 - only the one compatible avec last stable Dolibarr version
 - only one version per module (as functionnal feature module not based on named)
 - an exception can be done for free modules that are really interesting

=> Need to add 2 specific fields on module cards for editors to fill : support email and documentation link => Nicolas will have a look on it

  • Make proposal for specification on Dolibarr e-Commerce

=> GIFF to organize to have workshops and define the specification for this project => Goal is to have a specification about an e-commerce module in Dolibarr and to replace the Dolistore website (currently on Prestashop) => A consultation will be made to seek for developers to implement this module based on the specification

  • Migrate DoliStore (MarketPlace) in Dolibarr Core

A step to go to walk toward the eCommerce into Dolibarr is to create a template of the existing DoliStore, into the Dolibarr CMS (header, menu, terms of service, contact, basket, one page for a product..., no need for dynamic page working, just static template with content as it is on Dolistore).

  • Accountancy In Dolibarr Foundation

=> Banking4Dolibarr to be fully deployed before next fiscal year Philippe and Alexandre have to planned date to make the trainning

  • Renew Dolibarr Mark Trading

=> Ask for a quotation to new on the same scope but a better supervision for other continant => Renewal is planned on june 2024. => The board agrees on the extension of Dolibarr brand for african countries (OAPI)

  • Dolibarr portal for partners

=> Esya Solution: first sprint start 5 july, delivery mid August

  • Quality module of Dolistore

A development has been started to enhance interaction with module disabling. Waiting on delivery of the development. => Still waiting about delivery

  • Assurance Responsabilité Civile:

=> Go for not cyber, only responsabilité civile => Validated for Onlynnov => Will be done by Maxime

  • DevCamp

Summer DevCamp 2023 in Bordeaux => Done

Winter DevCamp 2023 (max 30 places) => Place : Lyon or Montpellier (first partners that find suitable place) => Date : 16 to 19 november

Summer DevCamp 2024 (max 30 places) => Place to be define : Montpellier or Lyon => Date could be 30-may to 2 june or 6 june to 9 june

Winter DevCamp 2024 => Place : Nancy (probably mercure hotel Nancy) => Date 28-november - 1-decembre

Summer DevCamp 2025 => Place : Valence => Date : 29 may to 1 june

  • German community

=> Devcamp 22 to 24 september near Augsburg - Munich

  • Switch from Google analytics to Matomo

=> Nicolas will investigate

  • Install NextCloud

=> Phillipe will investigate

  • Close Dolibarr Academy

=> Not use, it worht a try, but nobody go on board with this project

  • Task done by Laurent during past month (access not public):

  • GIF(F): Groupement d’intérêt Fonctionnel (et financier)

4 GIF in progress...

  • Migrate AppViser page to the foundation

On going :

  • Trimestrial Meeting for developers

Action Alexander: A.Spangaro will send a draft to promote a trimestrial meeting with Dolibarr Preferred Partners to discuss about co-module developpement, integration of external module into Dolibarr Core..... To be planned.

=> TODO Action A. Spangaro : Propose a first date to preferred partners / developers with a topic. How to organize such events will be reviewed after first try.

=> Content and format stil to define

  • Create Two Labels or make things clear for the existing label Preferred Partner ?

Nicolas wants this minimum for a Partner Developer: - 3 PR per year - One post on the forum - One physical or online event Nicolas wants this minimum for a Partner Integrator/Trainer - 1 issue per year - Can provide name of 3 installations per year. - 1 physical or online event

  • Open Invention network

=> Laurent will fill the application form to have Dolibarr part of the group

=> Subscription process on going