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  • Title: Foundation board meeting
  • Date: 11/10/2022
  • Location: Online with Jitsi


Valid members of the board (subscription up to date), present:

  • Laurent Destailleur
  • Maxime Kohlhaas
  • Florian HENRY
  • Jean Heimburger
  • Philippe Grand


  • Vote on feature request issue on GitHub

Make +1 on feature request and possible to sort list by +1. May be use this to define top strategic feature request

  • Quality module of Dolistore

Why not display figures like number of order and number of refund ? Unactivate automaticly module not compatible with Current version - 10 and not ordered since 1 year? Or when support e-mail address is not available

  • Winter Devcamps

=> 24 november (14h) to 27 november (12h) at Nante. Mail to Code42 (organisator) to manage hotel booking. Some quotations are receive, they are in reviews. As soon as it will be validated an announment will be publish on and, subscription page will be open and mailling (to partners and previous attendees) will be send by Laurent.

  • DolibarrDay

=> Idea to persue : have these events every year. i.e. : every march in Nancy, every October in Valence, ... Ideal goal is to have a DolibarrDay every month in a different city, organized by a local partner => May be a DolibarrDay in 16th of June at Bordeaux => Dolidays at Valence the 13th october by ATM Consulting (

  • DevCamp in Austria

35 people were present during this devcamp (half of people were online) Presentation of Dolibarr v16 by Maxime the morning follow by the Devcamp with 10 peoples (dozen of PR and Wiki translation in german)

  • SIL (Socle Interministériel de Logiciels libres)

Dolibarr is not known inside this catalog. Laurent Magnin is working on this for the Dolibarr foundation.

  • Paris Open Source Experience

Subscription is finished. Laurent and Philippe will be present at the village Associatif (stand B02) 8th and 9th of november 2022

  • Task done by Laurent during past month (access not public):

  • banking4dolibarr

Update module banking4dolibarr will be done only for Quonto and Caisse Epargne

=> Wait the module is compatible v16

  • WebPassword top replace Buttercup

Move From Buttercup to WebPassword Dolibarr Module

=> Transfert one by one when inputed into Dolibarr Module Remove from ButterCup

=> Propal by ATM : Validated, delivery planned for end of October

  • Dolistore API management

=> On stand by from OSCSS and Inovea to dev it

  • Assurance Responsabilité Civile:

=> Alexandre will check on to get a quote. Can check also OnlyInnov

  • Trimestrial Meeting for developers

Action Alexander: A.Spangaro will send a draft to promote a trimestrial meeting with Dolibarr Preferred Partners to discuss about co-module developpement, integration of external module into Dolibarr Core..... To be planned.

=> TODO Action A. Spangaro : Propose a first date to preferred partners / developers with a topic. How to organize such events will be reviewed after first try.

=> Content and format stil to define

  • Yogosha

Campaign is still open. Some funds are available, renew the subscription

  • Dolibarr PartnerShip

=> TODO: Need to test a use of external users for Preferred Partners. Make test with external user for module PartnerShip and Sociéte. If ok, we will create one users for each preferred partner and email will be sent to inform it with the login / pass.

  • Specifics Spain Rules for 2024 about "AntiCheat" law

Recommendation for Spanish developer is to try to implement the features into Dolibarr Core, using what was done for french.

Question for Bernardo :

How many tests/questions are done to provide the label. What is the score to get the label ? How many company tried to get the label ? How many have the label now (it seems 4 or 5) ?

The Dolibarr foundation goal is to have a list of 2 or 3 partner by country. So we thinks we should have more partner for Spanish countries. Why not making the test easier to get, cheaper ?

=> Juanjo can you ask Bernardo its point of viethis question ?

  • Create Two Labels or make things clear for the existing label Preferred Partner ?

Nicolas wants this minimum for a Partner Developer:

- 3 PR per year

- One poste of the forum

- One physical or online event

Nicolas wants this minimum for a Partner Integrator/Trainer

- 1 issue per year

- Can provide name of 3 installations per year.

- 1 physical or online event