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  • Title: Foundation board meeting
  • Date: 12/1/2021
  • Location: Online with Jitsi


Valid members of the board (subscription up to date), present:

  • Laurent Destailleur
  • Nicolas Zabouri
  • Florian Henry
  • Philippe GRAND
  • Alexandre Spangaro
  • Jean Heimburger


  • Jitsi of the foundation:

The jitsi does not work anymore since an update. No more sound once there is 3 users or more.

  • New templates of website:

Wait 4runners proposal and maquettes

4Runners will provide other maquettes and fundation will make a survey to ask to community "Are you agree ?"

=> The Dolibarr foundation hope to have the final delivery for the 31th of january (file Abobe .psd + Gimp format)

  • Proofreading of english website

Laurent has created Tag on web page (into Dolibarr CMS) to identify english page to correct.

=> Quotation to ask good english translation

  • VAT from Dolistore

Wait during few month before going further to integrate each sell on Dolistore as invoice into Dolibarr foundation.

=> Seems ok. It still need a lof of time for Philippe to create the generic invoices for DoliStore sales.

Next step will be to have a button to generate all invoices monthly ?

=> We continue manually for the moment. We wait next point.

  • Module Bank import from Open-Dsi.

Alexandre will install the module.

=> The Dolibarr foundation validate to subscribe to the module Banksync of OpenDSI.

=> Action Alexandre: Install module and test it with Philippe.

  • Task done by Laurent during past month (access not public):

  • Trend validation (Building a module to organize events + module to manage preferred partner)

=> Action for Maxime: Waiting for the sign quotation to send to Scopen

=> Action for Laurent: will send email to NextConcept to verify that there is same guarantees than for other proposals. We wait feedback.

  • Ask about hacking platform to test Dolibarr security and reward with a bounty

Experiment on 3 months with 5000€ of war treasure for bounty. Now already 4000€. Actually campaign suspended, scope will be change after v13

=> The meeting with Yogosha for feedback has been done at begiining of january.

=> Campaign suspended for the moment. Waiting for Yogosha to fix some troubles on the platform.

  • Dolibarr Promotional Video

Remind of page with all video produced or to produce:

15 first video delivered (They are online on the youtube channel of Dolibarr) and 10 in french, 13 in spanish and 4 in german :

Summary of situation: (access is private)

Story board are on

=> 4 new translations were written in French. They were validated. 3 video in spanish has been published on YouTube.

  • User contribution communication

A user who will finance several development in Dolibarr core asks if there's a page / article to be recognized as a contributor.

=> Validate for test, Maxime will ask to one contributor to prepare a news on Dolibarr web site

Note: Connex Subject : On GitHub the is a Sponsor page for recurring donation

  • Doliday 2021 :

Pre planned to march 2021 at Nancy

=> Waiting for COVID news

  • Preferred partners page on the website

L. Destailleur will create basic pages for each preferred partners on the website, by copying the wiki pages. Partners will send a specific text if they want. Update will be done manually in the foundation's Dolibarr. A list of preferred partners will be added to the website Communication will be done later

=> Not started. Still TODO

  • To check Providers and Prefered Partners (Eleonet, Diciannove Soc Coop, PC NET)

Will be checked by passing on them for the new website page

=> Not started . Still TODO

  • Virtual congress.

Laurent will install a server to test the tool workadventure. After tests, it appears that solution is not yet ready to be hosted by ourself. Problems with HTTPS that need manual validation on warning page of browser.

  • MOOC

Quotation request send to

Laurent will develop and experiment a tools for use transifex to translate new course

=> Started but not finished.

  • Advertising on facebook and Google

=> Currently we make only advertisement on twitter. Number of followers on Facebook is enough compared to competitors.