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  • Title: Foundation board meeting

  • Date: 10/12/2019

  • Location: Framatalk


  • Valid members of the board (subscription up to date), present:

Maxime Kohlhaas

Philippe Grand

Laurent Destailleur

Florian Henry

Alexandre Spangaro


Juanjo Mènent



  • Dolistore : Search by Dolibarr versions

Eldy recommend use of tag but need a development to auto add tag between two version

Task started : Regis is currently working on i

  • Task done by Laurent during past month (access not public):

  • Devcamp

=> 30-31 may 2020 Place to decide, probably valence)

  • MOOC

Quotation request send to

  • Open-Source summit

Due to strike on transport service, no member can be at official stand. But Open-DSI is here

  • Advertising on facebook and Google

Facebook, twitter and linkedin campaing are lunched on december

  • Get a full SVG logo for Dolibarr instead of a mix SVG + Font

=> Waiting feedback of Alexandre and Bruno.

  • Idea of a Dolibarr Tour to discuss (N.Zabouri)
=> discuss on next metting

  • JDLL
=> To decide if we found JDLL 

Todo and Running Task

  • Communication with Bruno's help

Relook websites (Dolibarr CMS ? Wordpress ?)

Social media

Global strategy

=> The foundation has to write a specification of what's needed

=> Waiting for forum migration

  • Add a label "Dolibarr Accounting Partner" for accounting firm :

Donation : min 100 € or 50 € ? 

Have minimum 3 customers ? Using Dolibarr and interconnexion with their accounting software

Ok for accounting firm to create page on other supplier wiki page, Must be registered on Official "Ordre des Experts-comptables" at least in france

Alexandre works on a wiki to start a draft on this "Dolibarr accounting expert".

=> WIP. Meetup 12/11/2019 at Nancy with expert accountant. => Waiting feedback of the meetup.

  • Work on NF203 compliance ? Work finance by the foundation ?

https://infocert (dot) org/marque-nf/nf-logiciel

Alexandre gather informations about this and gets back to us

  • Point to discuss from DolibarrDay

Label qualité 

Témoignage client

Visibilité des Partner sur les sites.

=> CMS module in Dolibarr is growing fast and will be used to improve websites in the future

=> End of 2019 web site will be migrated with Dolibarr CMS

Pending tasks

This is list of task waiting to people to work on ideas.

  • Preferred partner process : check every year if the partner still meets the requirements

Who ? (administrative task)

  • Suggest to renew our whole partner/labels system (J.HEIMBURGER)

Suggestion need more info. What will be rules to define the label. Who will validate it ?

Rules for preferred partners are ok today, participating in the community development (new fundations, events, ...) is doable by any member of the community, can't be a new rule to become a preferred partner

  • Why not creating a dolibarr developer training to get better code in core and modules. (J.HEIMBURGER)

Suggestion need more info. Who will train, who will be trained, How, When ?

  • Why not make mandatory a training and/or a test of capabilities to be Official Preferred Partner or a Dolibarr provider, in favor of Dolibarr reputation. (J.MENENT)

Suggestion need more info. Who will build the test, who will follow and correct tests. How, When ?

Why not use Dolibarr Academy?

  • Why not make mandatory be preferred partner for a company or foundation member for a private person to build a Community, in favor the foundation has better control. (J.MENENT)

OK, currently, Portugal and Netherland have community but no preferred partner