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  • Title: Foundation board meeting
  • Date: 09/07/2019
  • Location: Framatalk


  • Valid members of the board (subscription up to date), present:
Nicolas Zabouri
Alexandre Spangaro
Juanjo Menent
Maxime Kohlhaas
Philippe Grand
  • Guest
Bruno Soulié



Maxime sends a WhatsApp to have everyone's vote
  • Dolibarr Prefered partners demands :
   - Code 42 : Waiting for formal application  => Ok validated
   - Sennino : Not enough github activity
  • Dolibarr Prefered partners for germany
   - Dolibarr german fundation will decide of their own partners criteria 
  • Task done by Laurent during past month (access not public):

  • Advertising on
On next web site we vote that advertising for Dolibarr partner will be removed

Todo and Running Task

  • Ideas for community tools (new forum, new wiki) => A. Spangaro e-mail.
Ask to new french community manager to write process to contribute and give 3 subjects that feed back on monthly foundation meeting 
Rules for commits have been described into the file (File to describe how to contribute on a project).
Rules on how the project / community is organized is described on
  • Communication with Bruno's help
Relook websites (Dolibarr CMS ? Wordpress ?)
New forum tool
Social media
Global strategy
 The foundation has to write a specification of what's needed
* Update
A lot of users want an update of the wiki. User jtraulle propose a detailed update of Dolibarr's wiki :
Laurent reaches J. Traullé who has done the work already
  • Dolistore FIX downloading on refunded command
Task created for Laurent
  • RGPD
Module was added as develop (Module "datapolicies") into Dolibarr core.
Integration running
  • Add a label "Dolibarr Expert" for accounting firm :
   - Donation : min 100 € or 50 € ? 
   - Have minimum 3 customers ? Using Dolibarr and interconnexion with their accounting software
Ok for accounting firm to create page on other supplier wiki page, Must be registered on Official "Ordre des Experts-comptables" at least in france
Alexandre works on a wiki to start a draft on this "Dolibarr accounting expert" 
  • Work on NF203 compliance ? Work finance by the foundation ?

https://infocert (dot) org/marque-nf/nf-logiciel

Alexandre gather informations about this and gets back to us

Tasks that need decision

  • Point to discuss from DolibarrDay
 Label qualité
 Témoignage client
 Visibilité des Partner sur les sites.
 => CMS module in Dolibarr is growing fast and will be used to improve websites in the future

Pending tasks

This is list of task waiting to people to work on ideas.

  • Preferred partner process : check every year if the partner still meets the requirements
Who ? (administrative task)
  • Ongoing MOOC Dolibarr Academy
Courses "installation" and "configuration" are available
  • CA will write a code of conduc for joomla administrator
Eldy check
  • RNCP certification Company Aplose
Following regulations, trend for MOOC launched
  • Organisation
Review cotisation amount, why not have a button to incitate subscription ?
Waiting migration of Dolibarr of fundation on v8
New task to add buttons / links to propose subscription on dolibarr websites and dolistore
Maxime prepare a new grid to discuss on it
  • Suggest to renew our whole partner/labels system (J.HEIMBURGER)
Suggestion need more info. What will be rules to define the label. Who will validate it ?
Rules for preferred partners are ok today, participating in the community development (new fundations, events, ...) is doable by any member of the community, can't be a new rule to become a preferred partner
  • Why not creating a dolibarr developper training to get better code in core and modules. (J.HEIMBURGER)
Suggestion need more info. Who will train, who will be trained, How, When ?
  • Why not make mandatory a training and/or a test of capabilities to be Official Preferred Partner or a Dolibarr provider, in favor of Dolibarr reputation. (J.MENENT)
Suggestion need more info. Who will build the test, who will follow and correct tests. How, When ?
J.MENENT will make a document and send it to board mailing
  • Why not make mandatory be preferred partner for a company or foundation member for a private person to build a Community, in favor the foundation has better control. (J.MENENT)
OK, currently, Portugal and Netherland have community but no preferred partner

Done tasks

  • Nextconcept
Send email by Maxime to this module editor to never communicate in name of Dolistore (Dolibarr fundation) as it was done on mass mailing

Vidéo Dolibarr what's new 9.0 (first version - a new version is coming with higher delay for texts)
  • DevCamps
Next DevCamp on end of may 2019 at Lyon with Open-DSI and Houssin Regis