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  • Title: Foundation board meeting
  • Date: 14/03/2017
  • Location: Hangout


Valid members of the board (subscription up to date), present:

   Maxime Kohlhaas
   Florian Henry
   Laurent Destailleur
   Philippe Grand
   Romain Deschamps


TODO and RUNNING tasks

=> Laurent will send mail in English to take contact with this company to ask us to become part of the community
=> Already get email and contact 
  • Moral report
=> Maxime Kohlhaas will write it, focus on 2016-2017
=> Mail will be send for fundation Dolibarr regarding up to date subscription to vote
  • Dolibarr Preferred partners check regarding subcription
=> Add extrafield to save date of label obtention and check each dolibarr fundation metting if partner still deserved the label
=> Extrafield created, need to be populated
=> On going action started to be prepared for certification
=> Ask to inforcert certification cost
=> on Saas, hosting company be auto certified
=> A.SPANGARO published an article on
=> A.SPANGARO deal with what is necessary for dolibarr to be "financial law compliant". blockchain or module
=> Laurent ask APRIL to share certification documentation fees (NF525).
=> TODO in v6 Dolibarr need to extend integrity version to module
  • new website will be writed on each topic by R.DESCHAMPS
=> Rights given to R.DESCHAMPS
=> give rights to upload image
=> Problem with directory upload images
  • Work on task bought to Regis.
=> All tickets are described here:
=> On 10 tasks, LAURENT closed 5 (delivered, tested and validated) 2 tasks half made (#20 and #21) and 3 remains (#6, #7 and #9).
=> Do we still wait for the remaining tasks ? prorata payment ? ask another developer ? give a deadline ?
=> Dolibarr Foundation will give expiration date (10/03/2017) to check if work do not go forward foundation will discard  all contract
=> Module Stripe need to be develop
  • VAT complain on DoliStore
=> Send to paypal document prove that DoliStore can sell product with VAT even if customer have a VAT inter ID
=> Project link Prestashop (Dolistore) <=> Dolibarr foundation (freeze on 5.0.x version) for 01-Janv-2017
=> A.SPANGARO will ask to admistrative institution what is the real rule
=> Next step prestashop deal with VAT intra : waiting for develop feature coming soon
=> A. SPANGARO would test (TVA...)
=> Need to find new text to commmunicate to replace 
  • Have 4-5 promotional videos for Dolibarr in english, 1000 € investment
=> vote OK for  max 1500 € (FR/EN/ES)
=> L.DESTAILLEUR started scenarios and will continue to work on it

Tasks that need decision

  • Organisation
=> Review cotisation amount, why not have a button to incitate subscription ?

* Recrutement
 => Think to upgrade part time dolistore management
  • Preferred partners
=> Why not an online application form ?

Pending tasks

This is list of task waiting to people to work on ideas.

  • Ask to vote for to add rule into terms and conditions of dolistore to forbidden paid module that should be ressource developpers
  • Draft of Dolibarr integrator label
=> Suggest to renew our whole partner/labels system (J.HEIMBURGER)
=> Suggestion need more info. What will be rules to define the label. Who will validate it ?
  • Why not creating a dolibarr developper training to get better code in core and modules. (J.HEIMBURGER)
=> Suggestion need more info. Who will train, who will be trained, How, When ?
  • Why not make mandatory a training and/or a test of capabilities to be Official Preferred Partner or a Dolibarr provider, in favor of Dolibarr reputation. (J.MENENT)
=> Suggestion need more info. Who will build the test, who will follow and correct tests. How, When ?
  => J.MENENT will make a document and send it to board mailing
  • Why not make mandatory be preferred partner for a company or foundation member for a private person to build a Comunity, in favor the foundation has better control. (J.MENENT)
=> OK, currently, Portugal and Netherland have community but no preferred partner
  • Book on Dolistore

Done tasks

  • VAT complain on DoliStore
=> MAXIME : proposal from ATM to install prestashop. Need more info about developement and additional modules install and consequences first.
=> LAURENT creates a VM from the most recent backup.
  • Partner Validation
=> InfraS is a new offical preffred partner in Madagascar 
  • Communicate on how the community is working on certification to have Dolibarr compliant with next French financial law
=> A.SPANGARO : start a page on wiki to explain the whole subject and prepare a news on the
=> A.SPANGARO : published on

  • Sell advers banners on site
=> Launch communication for preferred partners if they want to buy banners 
=> J.HEIMBURGER will write a communication on this topic

  • Accountancy module | Informations :
=> New crowdfunding is planned in 2017 to improve the module
=> Message for the new crowfunding is ready to launch (2017/11/01)

  • Next devcamp
  • Accountancy module
=> Disponibility => On going
  • Dolibarr SEO community
=> test with Semalt for 2 month