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  • Title: Foundation board meeting
  • Date: 14-June-2016
  • Location: Hangout


Valid members of the board (subscription up to date), present: Florian HENRY Philippe GRAND Maxime KOHLHAAS Romain DESCHAMPS Laurent DESTAILLEUR Jean HEIMBURGER


Tasks that need decision

  • Next devcamp
   => M.KOHLHAAS propose to do next devcamp in Valence at the end of 2016 (november/october) before next release
   => P.GRAND propose to do next devcamp in Orleans in 2017
  • Work on task bought to Regis.
   => All tickets are described here:
   => Only one on ten was processed currently.
  • VAT complain on DoliStore
   => Send to paypal document prove that DoliStore can sell product with VAT even if customer have a VAT inter ID
   => Next step prestashop deal with VAT intra : waiting for develop feature coming soon
   => Project link Prestashop(Dolistore) <=> Dolibarr foundation (freeze on 3.9.x version) for 01-Janv-2017
   => A. Spangaro will ask to admistrative institution what is the real rule
   => ATM consulting will send a proposal the clone actual Dolibarr association configuration Prestashop on actual Kimsuffy and ask to A spangaro to test prestashop additionnal module 

Pending tasks

  • BugFix session
   => ATM will organize a bug fix session with internal ressource on 30-June2016 afternoon
  • Foundation accountancy
   => P.Grand will ask PDF version of 2015 accountancy report

This is list of task waiting to people to work on ideas.

  • new website will be writed on each topic by R.DESCHAMP
  • Sell advers banners on site
   => Launch communication for preferred partners if they want to buy banners 
   => J.HEIMBURGER will write a communication on this topic
  • Crowdfunding from AS for accountancy module | Informations :
   => Experimental in 4.0 => OK
   => All PR will be accepted if only accountancy modules is impacted.
  • Draft of Dolibarr integrator label
   => Suggest to renew ou whole partner/labels system (JH)
   => Suggestion need more info. What will be rules to define the label. Who will validate it ?
  • Try to create Dolibarr training program certified by RNCP
   => Base on Aplose (company) demand will ask to other company to start certificate program into French national traning program certificate program. Teclib is ok but not available. ATM ?
   => Teclib has no time, so abandon the task.
  • Why not creating a dolibarr developper training to get better code in core and modules. (JH)
   => Suggestion need more info. Who will train, who will be trained, How, When ?
  • Why not make mandatory a training and/or a test of capabilities to be Official Preferred Partner or a Dolibarr provider, in favor of Dolibarr reputation. (JM)
   => Suggestion need more info. Who will build the test, who will follow and correct tests. How, When ?
  • Why not make mandatory be preferred partner for a company or foundation member for a private person to build a Comunity, in favor the foundation has better control. (JM)
  • Dolibarr German speaking Community
   => German foundation officially launch
  • Dolibarr regarding french financial law
   => On going action started to be prepared for certification
   => Ask to inforcert certification cost
   => on Saas, hosting company be auto certified 
  • Communicate on Framasoft partnership
  => P. GRAND

Running tasks

  • Prestashop
  =>Add version (3.7.x / 3.8.x etc) filter to find compatible module easier. (Alex proposition) => running (by regis)
  • Framasoft partenership
  => Vote OK for renew dunning each year for framasoft fundation (with a limit of 5 / 1000 of turnover)
  • Have 4-5 promotional videos for Dolibarr in english, 1000 € investment
   => vote OK for  max 1500 € (FR/EN/ES)

=> LDR: I did not start the scenario yet.

Done tasks

  • AG
   => Board members List : Philippe GRAND, Jean HEIMBURGER, Maxime KOHLHAAS, Alexandre SPANGARO, Laurent DESTAILLEUR, Juanjo MENENT, Florian HENRY, Romain DESCHAMPS
   Voted during devcamps
   => Office members voted : Président : Maxime KOHLHAAS, Vice Président : Laurent DESTAILLEUR, Trésorier : Philippe GRAND, Vice trésorier : Alexandre SPANGARO, Secretary : Romain DESCHAMPS, Vice Secretary : Florian HENRY
   Voted during this meeting
   R. Deschamp account created on as administrator
   dolibarr-foundation-board mailman updated
  • Remind: Module on DoliStore must provide information of all compatible versions (min and max is possible, but min only is not enough)
   => FHE : Extract from prestahop email of module sellers to send mailing from dolibarr fundation to remaind best practice => running (by regis)
   => Modules are almost all compliant to this rule