Report board meeting 20151110 teleconf

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  • Date: 10-Nov-2015
  • Location: Hangout


Valid members of the board (subscription up to date), present: Florian HENRY Juanjo MENENT Philippe GRAND Jean HEIMBURGER Laurent DESTAILLEUR


  • Framasoft partenership
  • Draft of Dolibarr integrator label
   => This need to develop tools to manage this: following advertisers, payments, documentations, juridical rules, etc.
   => Suggest to renew ou whole partner/labels system (JH)
  • Renew subscrie to Kumsifi
  • DoliCamp
   => Open a survey to suggest and to know satisfaction from users on

   => Waiting return from PatasMonkey before lunch any foundation action
  • Try to create Dolibarr training program certified by RNCP
   => Base on Aplose (company) demand will ask to other company to start certificate program into French national traning program certificate program
   => Why not creating a dolibarr developper training to get better code in core and modules. (JH)
  • ATM propositions
  • Sell advers banners on dolibarr sites

Tiaris and ATM are testing and wil give feedback. Ideas shared on Mailing list : - announces must be limited in time and not limited for one only company. - landing page must offer services/products around Dolibarr - Better disctinction between commercial offers by partners and Community communication. - must be well organised, with established rules to avoid wasting time and answer questions to users of ervice. - Announcement will only be displayed if bill is paied

see old Jean Heimburger's propositions (12/2013) and exchanges on Mailing lists.

To be examineted and approved next time

  • Prestashop
  =>Index on tag => normaly done by CRON task on server
  =>Add version (3.7.x / 3.8.x etc) filter to find compatible module easier. (Alex proposition) 
  • Dolibarr Partner request
   => Alexandre Spangaro

Remplie la condition A ( adhérent) La condition B : 474 commits, 121628 lignes de code. Par contre n'a pas encore finalisé la constitution de sa société

  • Advertisement on website
   => See questions in Maxime K email please send it on board ML  JH)
  • Get a PhpStorm license for foundation
   => JM: We can get a free license of PhpStorm for the Dolibarr foundation. The bases:
  • Buy prestation to create nice article on version change
   Par exemple :