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  • Title: Draft of topic of foundation board meeting:
  • Date: 2015/08/11
  • Location: Teleconf ...


Valid members of the board (subscription up to date), present: Jean Heimburger juanjo Menent philippe Grand


  • Upgrade of foundation infrastructure (doliforge)
   => Vote buy new 64bit server to create a GitLab and ask a quote to Jean françois Ferry to migrate data from tuleap to GitLab
   => Kimsufi has been bought for 2 years 07/18/2013 for 1000 €, so 42 € / month. 
   => Mail send to JFE to check new server offers.

Since we are on framaGit, is it still usefull ?

  • Draft of Dolibarr integrator label
   => This need to develop tools to manage this: following advertisers, payments, documentations, juridical rules, etc.
Task to do by Florian henry => Resend CGV to DoliStore sellers, with motivation letters to keep module up to date and new Dolistore module validation rules (done ?)
   => Florian HENRY : Really difficult to find sellers ! Need real sellers process in this prestahop and upgrade it to 1.6 !
   => New GCV with obligation of support if module is not free
   => To see on october in Lyon with Charles Benke with dolibarr integrator
  • ATM propositions
  • Vendre 1-2 espaces annonces pub sur sites Dolibarr pour des services autour de Dolibarr en plus de la pub google (qui promeut les autres ERP...)
  To discuss next time (part solved by point on advertising budget)
   =>This need to develop tools to manage this: following advertisers, payments, documentations, juridical rules, etc.
   => LDR: I did some tests to use joomla to add and follow banners. Seems to works correctly.

Tiaris and ATM are testing and wil give feedback. Ideas shared on Mailing list : - announces must be limited in time and not limited for one only company. - landing page must offer services/products around Dolibarr - Better disctinction between commercial offers by partners and Community communication. - must be well organised, with established rules to avoid wasting time and answer questions to users of ervice. - Announcement will only be displayed if bill is paied

see old Jean Heimburger's propositions (12/2013) and exchanges on Mailing lists.

To be exmined and approved next time

  • Prestashop
  =>Index on tag
  =>Add version (3.7.x / 3.8.x etc) filter to find compatible module easier. (Alex proposition) 
  • Dolibarr Partner request
   => Bahfir Abbes :

ne valide pas la règle A : A) La société doit être membre de l'association Dolibarr (soit en tant qu'adhérent moral, soit avec un gérant membre en tant que membre individuel). règle B : 14 commits, 539 lignes de code.

   => Alexandre Spangaro

Remplie la condition A ( adhérent) La condition B : 474 commits, 121628 lignes de code. Par contre n'a pas encore finalisé la constitution de sa société

   => Theo Jongerling

adhérent à jour Pas de fork github trouvé, ni contribution ou alors sous un autre nom ? est-il investi dand le site Hollandais ?

  • Advertisement on website
   => See questions in Maxime K email
  • IP blocked by OVH as Spam
  • No more mail send by dolistore when modules sell