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  • Title: Board meeting
  • Date: 04/12/2014
  • Location: Hangout


Valid members of the board (subscription up to date), present:

  • Laurent Destailleur
  • Juanjo Menent
  • Philippe Grand
  • Maxime Kohlhaas
  • Jean Heimburger (only few minutes, lost because of networks connection problem)


  • New Dolibarr Prefered Partner Request
   Kreiz IT : Accepted
   From now on, new application for preferred partner will be validated by a poll and send to the board members

  • Administrative tasks done by Philippe Grand in October and November

This is a summary available on Google sheet of administrative tasks done by Philippe.
   Allowed budget is OK, not used fully, so we keep it like this. Philippe will continue.
   Philippe will deal with out of date members and close oldest ones (higher than 1 year)

  • Dolistore prestashop upgrade
   Philippe ask to Régis Houssin to study the prestashop upgade and ask for a proposal for prestashop migration to the latest version, the specific module to manage resellers and have the payment working with paypal and Caisse d'Épargne.
   Have the Dolibarr Foundation convention signed by him

  • Use GitHug as maintenance tools
    • Take tasks and busg from doliforge to github
    • Advantage : fully integrated to devtools
    • Disadvantage:
      • May be one day github will be a paid system per bug or task ...
      • GitHub contains a bug tracker but no tracker feature.
      • GitHub does not contain important features into tracker like priority/module/criticality, task opened to external developer, ...
    • Question: Is there a way to migrate existing content into github ?
    • What about DoliForge/Tuleap Partner ship ?
   After tests, GitHub allows to manage labels on "issues" (bugs/tasks) so we will be able to use it for version, type, severity
   Where are we on the project to migrate on SaaS Tuleap solution ?
   Waiting for Jean-François Ferry to make a decision to move to GitHub

  • Foundation tools enhancements
   We wait after Dolistore upgrade to go back on this subject.

  • Dolibarr ERP & CRM trademark.
   PDF files are available in the foundation's Dolibarr in the folder "Docs administratifs > Enregistrement marque"
   Only cession act is not signed by Rodolphe Quiedeville. Laurent has sent him several times the document he should sign.
  • Draft of Dolibarr integrator label
    • Task to do by Florian henry => Resend CGV to DoliStore sellers, with motivation letters to keep module up to date and new Dolistore module validation rules (done ?)
      • Florian HENRY : Really difficult to find sellers ! Need real sellers process in this Prestahop and upgrade it to 1.6 !
      • New GCV with obligation of support if module is not free
   Where are we on this subject Florian ?

  • Selling adverts on official Dolibarr websites to replace Google adverts (that make promotion of other ERP).
    • I did some tests to use joomla to add and follow banners. Seems to works correctly.
   Function activated on Joomla for Same setup can be propagated on other portals managed by the foundation. Philippe asks Jean if he wants to display an ad for him on the site (or

  • Where are we on ?
   ATM offers to have a resource half a day per week to manage the platform and make contact with users to centralize their needs and with developers to centralize their solutions.
   To be discussed next time with Jean-François Ferry