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  • Title: foundation board meeting:
  • Date: 03-Sept-2014
  • Location : Hang Out


Valid members of the board (subscription up to date), present:

  • Maxime KOHLHASS
  • Florian HENRY
  • Jean-François FERRY
  • Philippe GRAND
  • Juanjo MENENT

Draft board (This is the draft to exchange during the meeting. Reading this will probably have no sense. Read next chapter instead for a summary)


  • New Dolibarr Prefered Partner Request
    • Teclib
  Agreement for label Dolibarr Prefered Partner is granted to TecLib (
  • Buy a regular service to manage the foundation. This is a list of tasks we need and work we need to do:

  Ok. Dolibarr Foundation will buy the service to execute the tasks for 20h per month at 15€/h HT, start on september. is selected for this first try.
  • Increase the quality control of the modules to activate in DoliStore
  We did not found any easy process to make things better. We decided to keep current workflow.
  • Migration of DoliStore
  Validate on next meeting the dolistore migration
  The Dolibarr foundation has validated the fact to add a group "Dolibarr Prefered Partner" with a the logo "Module of a Prefered Partner" on each module card. Modules visible onto Home page will also be restricted to Prefered PArtner and shown randomly.
  • Spam on French Forum

What we do ?

  Task tu purge spam is added into list of taks to do by Phillipe to moderate the forum
  • Create a subject Specifics Dev on the forums ?

  Go forward on, should be ok before launch of year
  • Use GitBug as maintenance tools

Take task and bug from doliforge to github

- Advantage : fully integrated to devtools

- Disadvantage: => May be one day github will be a paid system per bug or task ... => Question: Is there a way to migrate existing content into github ? => GitHub contains a bug tracker but no tracker feature => GitHub does not contain important features into tracker like priority/module/criticality, task opened to external developer, ... => What about DoliForge/Tuleap Partner ship ?

  Project to migrate to Tuleap Saas with communication partner ship 

In :

  • A) Before working on any other service/enhancement that the foundation can do/offer, we should enhance automation of already existing tool.

For example, we should: - create a module to sync permission of unix account onto dolibarr foundation servers from dolibarr foundation manager. - upgrade tools on server (joomla, doliforge, ...) - automation of payment when a subscription is renewed - automationof sending pdf for subscription

   Tools spécifications :
   Members validated (payment ok) into Dolibarr of Dolibarr fundation :
   => Create wiki account=> plugin media wiki
   => Create Doliforge account => plugin Tuleap
   => Create DoliStore account => plugin Prestashop
   => Create, account => Plugin Joomla
   => Link paypal members paiement to members status
   => Mailing list => Plugin MailMan done => to test
   => Create unix account
   If members is pass to resiliated =>  remove all acccess

=> Why not use a LDAP directory?

  What will be benefit ? Point is "on hold" currently until we find more benefit. 

  • Dolibarr ERP & CRM trademark.
  On Going for the world.
  • C) Draft of Dolibarr integrator label
   Task to do by Florian henry => Resend CGV to DoliStore sellers, with motivation letters to keep module up to date and new Dolistore module validation rules (done ?)
   => Florian HENRY : Really difficult to find sellers ! Need real sellers process in this prestahop and upgrade it to 1.6 !
   => New GCV with obligation of support if module is not free
  • D) Doliforge "Demande de promotion d'annonce sur Doliforge" process
   We did not state this point. To discuss next time (part solved by point on advertising budget).
  • E) Vendre 1-2 espaces annonces pub sur sites Dolibarr pour des services autour de Dolibarr en plus de la pub google (qui promeut les autres ERP...)
  To discuss next time (part solved by point on advertising budget)

=> This need to develop tools to manage this: following advertisers, payments, documentations, juridical rules, etc.

=> LDR: I did some tests to use joomla to add and follow banners. With Joomla for distribution and Dolibarr for invoicing, we should be ready for this.