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  • Title: Foundation board meeting
  • Date: 10-juil-2013
  • Location: Teleconf (Hangout)


Valid members of the board (subscription up to date), present:

  Jean Heimburger
  Florian Henry
  Maxime Kohlhaas
  Philippe Grand
  Laurent Destailleur


In :

  • Before working on any other service/enhancement that the foundation can do/offer, we should enhance automation of already exisiting tool.

For example, we should: - create an module to sync permission of unix account onto dolibarr foundation servers from dolibarr foundation manager. - upgrade tools on server (joomla, doliforge, ...) - automation of payment when a subscription is renewed

   Tools spécifications :
   Members validated (payment ok) into Dolibarr of Dolibarr fundation :
   => Create wiki account=> plugin media wiki
   => Create Doliforge account => plugin Tuelap
   => Create DoliStore account => plugin Prestashop
   => Create, account => Plugin Joomla
   => Link paypal members paiement to members status
   => Mailing list => Plugin MailMan done => to test
   => Create unix account
   If members is pass to resiliated =>  remove all acccess
   Désactivé Dans les outils si membre résilié

  • Validate a budget for "online" adverts (twitter, facebook, google adwords): 1000 euros/year, 2000 euros/year ?
   10% of cash available at year start per year. For the 4 month left of 2013 => 200 € per month
   il faudrait mettre en place des rapports adwords qui mesurent le résultat, si quelqu'un connait Adwords
  • What we do with adherent status "Not up to date" => mass mailing ?
   Done by Phillipe Grand. Those old from more than 9 month must be change to relisate
  • What we do with adherent status "Draft" ?
   It's non-payed dolibarr fundation subscription
  • Create generic email for local communities with a redirect to emails of people behind...

The goal is to have the dolibarr foundation able to get in touch with everybody.

Solutions 1:

Create email with alias to people ->

Advantage:Foundation can change alias when we want

Solutions 2:

Advantage: EMail looks nicer Problem: Foundation has no control on emails if domain name is not owned by foundation.

  To discuss next time
  • Dolibarr ERP & CRM © 2003-2012 - Gestion commerciale ou associative. In footer. Is dolibarr a deposed trademark ?

In some countries in europe, dolibarr was registered by some companies. Except for France where the trademark was registered by Laurent Destailleur as president of Dolibarr Foundation. So for france, there is no need to vote to transfer trademark from nltechno company because trademark is not owned by any company (nor nltechno nor any other). For other countries, I don't know how to find which companies has bought the trademark in their country (I know german community did it, and i think 2byte did it for spain, but i don't think it's a good idea to ask them to cease trademark to someone else than them, because they bought the trademark to protect project since they want to invest on dolibarr and wanted to be sure to not loose money because of someone doing something else with the trademark. However, what could be a good idea is to launch an action to let the foundation buy trademark for "europe" (OHMI) or work (OMPI) (for countries where no companies has already buy it). For europe, it cost 1000 euros + a laywercalled "mandataire" if we want to be sure to do things correctly , i think 3000 euros should be ok.

 To discuss next time to vote trademark protection for Europe in the name of moral entity of Dolibarr fundation
  • Someone to work onto domain name transfer (from Regis to Dolibarr foundation) ?
   To discuss next time
  • Review of task in doliforge (eg [ task #136 ] Create orders from proposals still 0%)
   It up to doliforge members to clean their own task
  • Draft of Dolibarr integrator label
    => Difficulté d'évaluer le serieux des potentiels candidats... Idée: différencier des échelons => to discuss next time
   Task to do by Florian henry => Resend CGV to DoliStore sellers, with motivation letters to keep module up to date and new Dolistore module validation rules
  • Doliforge "Demande de promotion d'annonce sur Doliforge" process
   To discuss next time
  • OVH Contact to push Dolibarr 3.3 (or 3.4) instead of 3.0 ?
   => Post sur le forum attention Dolibarr 3.0 chez OVH => Préférer les offre Saas Dolibarr prefered partner
  • Commencer à définir la ROADMAP pour version future 3.5 pour savoir d'avance vers où on veut aller
  • Vendre 1-2 espaces annonces pub sur sites Dolibarr pour des services autour de Dolibarr en plus de la pub google (qui promeut les autres ERP...)
  To discuss next time (part solved by point on advertising budget)
  • Transfert all Dolibarr application on server (still to to:,,
  Done by Laurent Destailleur, only DNS to do.
  Next setp : build a new jommla with kunema as forum to do the new
  • Validation Candidature Dolibarr Preferred Partner Laurent Léonard
  • Explain new external1/external2... feature
  • Road map :

Target 3.5 : Clean all class (must respect CRUD with user in paramters Extrafield and multicompany feature Replace all $_POST/$_GET by GETPOST Add webservice as module extention as done for dictionnary Clean all class (must respect CRUD with user in parameters)

   Vérifier qu'il y a des transactions partout où il faut (insert update, delete)

Normalized usage of setEventMessage instead of dol_msg_print...

   Modules CRM : Commercial (gestion d'affaires / opportunités), Marketing (Campagnes)
   Intégration d'e-mails automatique (envoyés / reçu)
   Intégration téléphonie
   Gestion de production
   Gestion de stock => Réservation de stock, et gestion des retours échanges
   Gestion des déclinaisons produits
  • Dolibarr 3.4 status (test/terters return ?) Already customer deployed ?
  Ready to go