Report GM 201405 Annexe (Year 2013-2014)

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Return from members and CA during the AG

Control contisation of member regarding profesionnal ?

Why only 50% of renew members subscription

Why on, this is only M. Laurent Destailleur (Numéro : 3900443,3784205) owner of brand Dolibarr and not the dolibarr fundation ?

Next vote for Fiscal Report base on Accounting Expert, that mean from Jeanuary to December and not from April to April

Give more detail in chapter Input/Output description of financial report

Sell member subscription on DoliStore.

Send call for applications for board member into vote mailing 1 month before

Take Care next time : send mailing to subcribers OK at 31-decembre and not only activ on date of sending

Think to ask for various task define by CA not only dedicated to member of CA

By exemple : by a campaing on or to ask to member to organize breakfast or other Dolibarr event with fundation support (eventually finnanciary)

Communicate at the freeze time on ChangeLog

Phillipe Grand propose himself to be part time employee for global communication function according missions to be define by CA

From Jean Heimburger, back from linux Tag : On avantage of Dolibarr, being a comunity behind the projet and not a company, but company exists to support users

Communicate about dDolibarr .deb integration into Official Debian Package

Survey Adresse :

As Is :

Degoudenne: On ne pourrait pas mettre les T-shirts Dolibarr en vente sur le Dolistore ?

Nikos Drosis: It would be nice to get into Dolistore and Accessories like Mug, Pen, Notebook, Stickers, Cap ... and whatever else.

Joseph SPEISSER: Bonne AG à tous, et bonne continuation dans vos travaux. Longue vie à Dolibarr :-)

Charles-Fr BENKE: +1 pour les T-shirts

Quand/Où pourra-t-on parler de la stratégie long terme de dolibarr (sur 3-5 ans)?

J-François GUIOT: Infos trop éclatées : l'ecosystéme "association qui coordonne un projet Open Source ERP le plus simple à démarrer du marché"... n'est pas valorisé.

J-F Guiot: Par ailleurs, une démarche plus orienté "communautés linguistiques" plutôt que simplement drapeaux nationaux, serait moins restrictive (ou nombriliste ou protectionniste...), par ex Suisse, Belgique, Québec, francophonie du continent africain....