Module UID Register API (Swiss enterprise API)

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What UID Register API does ?

This module aims to give access to the Swiss UID Register, which is the federal enterprise register.

This light, unofficial package, provides you an autocomplete-like JS code on thirdparties edition pages. By typing the name of the third party, the JS code query UID SOAP API, and brings you back the result as a list.

What UID Register API is not ?

This module is NOT provided by the Swiss Federal administration, but rely on the official UID API.

What you can do with UID Register API ?

Using UID Register API, you can:

  • Quickly fill all available data using UID register on third party creation
  • Easily update third party information if UID data are different from yours
  • Update your existing third parties with UID data when editing them

How much does it cost ?

Nothing. UID Resgiter API rely on free ERP Dolibarr and free public service: you should be able to use it for free too.

However, do not hesitate to rate it on DoliStore (Link to come!) or contribute on GitHub.

I am looking for help to implement French or INSEE API in the similar way. Please do not hesitate to reach out on GitHub.


You can find captures on the GitHub repo of the module, under /img/capture_xxx.png.