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Module name Line Numbers
Editor / Editeur Libre Expert -
Download or buy page / Page achat ou téléchargement
Status / Statut / Estado Stable
Prerequisites / Prérequis Dolibarr min version 6.0.0   
Last update date / Date mise à jour fiche / Fecha última actualización 2019-07-23
Note / Nota


This module Ddsplays on the different creation screens (commercial proposal, invoice, order supplier, shipping, supplier proposal, order and delivery) as well as on generated pdf files (in a new column) line numbers, to more easily find items on long documents.

New available pdf models are named with their original names with a "lines" suffix.

Included are :

  • azurlines -> propal
crabelines -> invoice
  • muscadetlines -> order supplier
  • rougetlines -> shipping
  • typhonlines -> delivery
  • einsteinlines -> order
  • aurorelines -> supplier proposal


Your PHP web server must have permissions to access the directories you want to use.


  • Download archive file of module (.zip file) from web site or from any other source.
  • Install module into the custom folder of Dolibarr:
    • Go to Home - Setup - Modules - Deploy/install external app/module
    • Upload the file. Note: If it fails, you can manually unzip the file into the custom directory from command line: Go into the *custom* directory and uncompress file with command unzip
  • Module is ready to be activated and used.


To install the module, extract the provided Zip archive preferably in the "htdocs/custom/" directory of your Dolibarr installation, change files permissions if necessary so your webserver can access the new folder. Your file "htdocs/conf/conf.php" must be set to include the alternate directory, by adjusting the parameters below (to be modified according to your characteristics):

  • $dolibarr_main_url_root_alt='/custom';
  • $dolibarr_main_document_root_alt='/var/www/dolibarr/htdocs/custom';


Once activated from the administrator menu Configuration/Modules in the "Other" rubric, this module will allow the use of the document models.