Module Goal: 0% unpaid invoices, without doing anything.

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Module name in the form: Marketing name / Technical name Goal: 0% unpaid invoices, without doing anything. / Invoice Reminder
Editor Libre Master -
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Status Stable
Prerequisites Dolibarr 18.0.5 minimum
Last update date 2024-03-06
Note The module has been translated by a professional (not this page).


This module takes care of automatically reminding customers who are late with payment.

Reminders can be one-time or repetitive.

A reminder can alternatively be sent to a third party responsible for contacting late customers. In this case, repetition is probably not useful or at with very low frequency.

The reminder message must be edited via the email template system already integrated into Dolibarr. If the message is intended to be repetitive, the content must indicate that the message is automatic.

The reminder is done via email so the type of customer must be used to reading their emails. An evolution of this module with an automatic reminder via postal mail or SMS could be studied in the future if there are enough requests.

The reference date used for the reminder can be either the invoice date or the payment deadline date.

A message can also be sent automatically for an automatic invoice. It will be necessary to check the times of the reminder sequences so that the automatic creation of an invoice takes place before the automatic notification/reminder time.


  1. Log in to your Dolibarr with an administrator account.
  2. Go to the section to deploy a module: Home ➡ Configuration ➡ Modules/Applications ➡ Deploy/Install an external module.
  3. Upload the module (zip file) via the form.
  4. Activate the module via the section: Home ➡ Configuration ➡ Modules/Applications, in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) section

Configuration for administrator

The configuration section for the parameters dedicated to an administrator is located here: Home ➡ Configuration ➡ Modules/Applications, in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) section ➡ OBJECTIVE: 0 UNPAID, WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING... by clicking on the small gear wheel.

The configuration allows you to suspend all notifications or change alert levels which only have a visual impact in Dolibarr.


You can view the full documentation page online by clicking here.