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Module name Cashdeskpar
Editor / Editeur -
Download or buy page / Page achat ou téléchargement
Status / Statut / Estado Stable
Prerequisites / Prérequis Dolibarr min version 9.0.0   
Last update date / Date mise à jour fiche / Fecha última actualización 2019-12-17
Note / Nota


CashdeskPar is the first module to offer an improvement of Dolibarr's original point of sale. It was developed in 2014 on the version 3.1 of Dolibarr. Since then, it has gathered many new features to configure through its thirty parameters.


  • Download the module archive file (.zip) from the website or retrieve it in any other way.
  • Put the file in the root directory of dolibarr or create a custom folder at the root of Dolibarr to place it with all your additional modules (If you choose this solution, remember to uncomment the two lines of the conf file)
  • Unzip the file with the command unzip
  • The correct location of the module must be of the type: htdocs/custom /cashdeskpar.
  • Go to the installation location of the module and give read and write privileges to the PHP server for the following files:
  1. cashdeskpar_consts.php
  2. cashdeskpar_default_consts.php

The module is operational and may be activated.


To use this module, you must first activate it. To do this, after logging in with an administrator account, go to " Home - Configuration - Modules " page. The module appears in "Produc /Service Management (PM)", click "Activate". A pictogram appears at the end of the line of the module, click on it to access the setup page specific to this module:

CashdeskPar setup Page

The setup page consists of two parts:

  1. The upper part is identical to that of Dolibarr's point-of-sale module.
  2. The lower part contains the CashdeskPar- specific parameterizing section , which itself consists of two sub-sections:
    1. Parameters subsection: This section contains all the parameters that change the behavior of the module. It consists of two foldable titles that separate the parameters into two categories. The product parameters include all the features that characterize the product selection while the first category contains all the rest of parameters.
    2. A button to reload the default settings that allows to reset the original parameters of the module.

CashdeskPar setup page
Cashdesk parameters

Modification of parameters:

By clicking on the "Cashdesk Parameters" link, we discover the 26 current parameters of this category :

Point of Sale Category parameters
Point of Sale Category parameters

And clicking on the category product parameters, we discover a list of 5 parameters:

Product category parameters
Product category parameters

The list of parameters is displayed on a table of 5 columns:

  1. The number and name of the parameter that can be referenced from the description of another parameter.
  2. The summary description of the function of the parameter, in addition to the lower and upper bounds for the interval type parameters placed in red brackets.
  3. The value of the parameter: It displays the type of parameter according to its type (boolean, string or interval). For Boolean parameters, an activation or deactivation button and an entry field for the channels and interval are displayed. Entering an interval value outside the specified values ​​causes an error message to be displayed and the parameter input to be rejected.
  4. An icon with a question mark that uses the tiptip widget to display detailed information about the setting as soon as you move the pointer over the mouse.
  5. A button to show or hide the setting on the Cashdeskpar main page.

CashdeskPar POS Page:

Below is the improved image of the POS CashdeskPar page with parameters subsections closed.

We immediately see the difference with Dolibarr's original module:

  1. Enhanced theme with items in the basket that occupy only two lines. This makes it possible to display many more elements on a reduced page length.
  2. A parameter section with 30 parameters to enable/disable to control the operation of the point of sale.
  3. The "Resume Sale" button, which takes the whole line above the parameterization section to enable the modification of the parameter to be applied to the point of sale screen by updating the page and keeping the values entered.
  4. By positioning the mouse over the "Make focus to list when reference empty" parameter, a detailed description of the parameter is displayed.
  5. The parameter table is displayed with only four columns. The fifth column that controls the display of the parameter at the point of sale is reserved for administrators and only appears on the configuration page.
CashdeskPar POS page with one of the closed setup items
CashdeskPar POS page with closed parameter sub-sections

and with the parameters of the point of sale open:

CashdeskPar POS page with an open parameters subsection
CashdeskPar POS page with an open parameters subsection

Cahdeskpar on phone:

The following image shows CashdeskPar on phone with optimization of the display of basket items and parameters:

Cashdeskpar on phone
Cashdeskpar on phone

Some parameters:

There is no need to explain the operation of each of the 30 current CashdeskPar settings. This number is also expected to increase over time. Then you only have to connect to the demonstration site: , to fly over any element to have a complete description, and then to test it online. In the demo site, all settings are configured to appear in the POS page.

Here are some examples of some particular parameters:

  1. The parameter "autocomplete form for product selection" replaces the entry with filter and choice fields with a single autocomplete input field that will be parameterizable by the two product parameters "Number of autocomplete results", "Number of autocomplete minimum characters for search in autocomplete "and" Enable Autoselect on references only "
  2. The "Dolibarr 3.1 theme" parameter replaces the current theme with an old theme from Dolibarr version 3.1. It is planned to include additional themes as users request.

Other sources of information:

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