Maxime Kohlhaas

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Name/Nom/Nombre/Name/Όνομα Maxime Kohlhaas
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Date/Datum/Ημερομηνία 2012-08-05
Level/Grade/Grado/Grad/Επίπεδο En verysmall.png Jedi / Fr verysmall.png Jedi / Es verysmall.png Jedi / Gr verysmall.png Jedi
Status/Statut/Estado/Κατάσταση Active
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Dolibarr Contributor.

ATM Consulting has been created to promote open-source solutions to small-business companies. Dolibarr is the solution on which ATM has the more experience in both functional and technical aspect. These combined skills allow us to be efficient towards customer needs and work through global projects, from analysis to training, going through specifications writing, solutions definition, development, testing, deployment. We also provide support and hosting.

ATM "tech" team is currently composed by 5 project leaders and 8 developers.