Joan Pons

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User card / Fiche compte / Ficha cuenta
Name/Nom/Nombre/Name/Όνομα Joan Pons
Country/Pays/Pais/Land/Χώρα Es verysmall.png
Company/Société/Empresa/Unternehmen/Εταιρεία Dracnet Projects
Date/Datum/Ημερομηνία 08 aug 2012
Level/Grade/Grado/Grad/Επίπεδο En verysmall.png Z-6PO / Fr verysmall.png Z-6PO / Es verysmall.png Z-6PO / Sa verysmall.png Z-6PO / Gr verysmall.png Z-6PO
Status/Statut/Estado/Κατάσταση Active
Picture/Photo/Foto/Φωτογραφία Joan Pons.png

Other informations / Autres informations / Otra información / Andere Infos / Άλλες πληροφορίες

We're planning to develop the Catalan Dolibarr users group or community. Actions planned:

  • Contribute on translations and taxes adaptions (list of vat rates, list of states, etc.).
  • Get domain Already registered.
  • Create a portal for our comunity: Forum, Info, Demos, Meetings, Courses, etc. (similar to but all in catalan)
  • Contributing on code and ideas to
  • Improving documentation.