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This is a process to import your data from LibreOffice Base.


First make sure you have everything you need, OpenOffice, Java Runtime Environment, and the JDBC connector for the database of your Dolibarr (so MySql or PostgreSQL). Generally, you can follow this tutorial on the OpenOffice site to set up the connector.

If your base is not local, check that port 3306 of the Mysql server is accessible from the internet and that the user of the base has access rights from the IP address where you make the requests. (different from localhost)

We will take the example of importing Customers / Suppliers.

Create the customer table

First you need to prepare a summary table of the data to import.

Here is a blank database to fill in to list your third parties: Llx_societe.ods

Here's another blank base for your physical third party contacts: Llx_socpeople.ods

The principle is simple, whatever the table to import (see the complete list), just put the fields of this table in the first line. Then fill in the other lines with your data. Save your file (it's more careful), but leave it open.

Create an OpenOffice link to the Dolibarr database

Then create a new OOo database, File> New> Database

Check "Connect to an existing database" Select MySQL from the drop-down list.

Click on Next

Select Connection using JDBC and do Next

Fill in the fields as below (make the name of your Dolibarr database and the address of the MySQL server)

To enter your MySQL username, check Password required (if it is, but I hope so)

There, nothing to change, do Finish

Save your base according to the name that suits you.

You will be asked for the Root password when connecting to the base.

You are now directly connected to your Dolibarr database on MySQL.

Please note: everything you do in OpenOffice Base will also be done on your MySQL database, OpenOffice Base serving here as an interface only.

Import of the customer table in the Dolibarr database

Go back to the data table (under Calc), select all your columns and rows, and make a Copy (CRTL + C)

Return to Base and now select the llx.societe table (just click on it, no need to open it)

Just make a Paste (CRTL + V)

A window appears, do not change anything and click on Next

New window, make sure that the fields correspond well and click on Create

Depending on the size of your Calc table you will have to be a little patient, for 1500 entries you have to wait 2-3 minutes. So be patient.


This tutorial works for other tables (products for example), you must always be sure to fill in the 'vital' fields. You can also modify the data by double-clicking on the table of your choice, it's faster than with the Dolibarr interface, but be careful, we modify the data in the database directly, don't forget.

It also works whether it is under Linux (tested under Ubuntu, but I don't see why it won't work under other distributions) or under Windows.