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How to remove "easily" an invoice customer "by hand" in the database ?

You must first remove all records into Table llx_facturedet (there is one record by invoice line), and then you can delete invoice in Table llx_facture.

The steps for a MySQL database are:

- get the ID of your invoice (invoice is called "facture" in French). You can get this ID by going to the Invoice's card, and check the address in your browser. For example dolibarr.xxxxx.com/compta/facture.php?facid=29 the invoice ID is "29"

- connect to your database (via phpmyadmin or command line, for example)

- Type the following commands (replace INVOICE_ID by the ID you got earlier):

- DELETE FROM llx_facturedet WHERE fk_facture = INVOICE_ID;

- DELETE FROM llx_facture WHERE rowid = INVOICE_ID;

Your invoice should be deleted successfully.