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Storyboard for Module TakePOS


Video Title: TakePOS: Point of Sale in Dolibarr

Voice Over Visuals in the Video
Welcome to this video tutorial about the Dolibarr ERP and CRM system. In this video, we will look at how to use the “TakePOS Point of Sale” module in Dolibarr. Show the standard intro animation with video title “TakePOS: Point of Sale in Dolibarr”.
Activate the module "POS TakePOS" from menu Home - Setup - Modules. You must also enable related modules such as “Third Parties”, "Invoices", "Banks", "Categories" and “Products”. Enable the modules mentioned in the voice over
Grant permission on the “POS TakePOS” module as well as the related modules for your users. For more advanced information on how to setup permissions to users, you can watch our video "Users, Groups and Permissions" Grant permissions on the “TakePOS” and “Products” modules.
Creating an Invoice via TakePOS
The TakePOS Dolibarr module allows make sales from computers and mobile terminals in any type of store including bar and restaurants. The user interface is fully compatible with touch screens, order printers, scales etc. Show a stock video footage of point of sale. Rapid zoom in to the screen and show the Dolibarr TakePOS screen on it.
Begin by choosing a terminal. Click on the button. Choose Terminal1.
Choose the customer or third party. This is optional, so you can also stay with a Generic customer. Click on the button and choose a third party.
The recent invoices show up based on the time of creation. Click or tap on a time to load the invoice. Click on a time to load the items billed.
You can also click or tap on “History” to view all the invoices generated for all customers. Click or tap on an invoice to load it. Click on History and show the popup. Click on an item to load the products.
If you want to start a new concurrent invoice, click or tap on the NEW button. Click on New.
Choose a category. The respective products are loaded. Click or tap on a product to add it to the invoice. Choose a category and product.
You can modify the quantity, price and discount. On the invoice, click or tap on a line item to highlight it. If you want to change the quantity, click or tap on the “Quantity” button, enter the desired quantity and press the OK button. The quantity is now updated for the chosen item. Demo quantity modification.
Similarly, you can choose an item and setup a discount percentage for it. Demo adding discount.
You can also choose an item and modify the price. Note that the price change apples only for this invoice and not for the product master. Demo price change.
New or non-standard products can be added quickly by using the appropriate button. Provide a description, enter a price and choose a sales tax percentage. The new product is now added to the invoice. Show adding a product via “Not a predefined product / service”
Note that adding a new product in this manner does not add it to the product master. If you use the module Stock, you may also setup the module to decrease the stock automatically when a sale has been completed. Stock for predefined products can be made visible on TakePOS too. For more information on how to add Products and allocate Stock, please watch the tutorial videos on “Products and Services” and “Stock”. Show where we can see the stock when we add a new predefined product in TakePOS screen.
Global discount for the entire invoice can also be added. You can add a discount by price or discount by percentage. The discount has now been added to the invoice. Click on “Discount” and show the popup window. Add a discount amount.
The invoice is now ready for payment. Click or tap on the “Payment” button and enter the payment amount as paid. The “Excess Received” is clearly shown. Now, click or tap on the appropriate payment method. You can enter several payments for the same order. Enter a rounded value and click on CASH.
Once the total paid matches the amount on the invoice, the invoice status is modified to PAID. Click or tap on the print button to send the invoice to the printer. Click on PAID. Demo the Print option.
Note that the payments, invoice status and the POS terminal used to generate the invoice are saved and visible in the main Dolibarr interface as well. You can send the invoice by email, make a return or print a gift ticket. Click on the Invoice name to open the Dolibarr Invoice view and show the invoice. Show the send email option.
Using TakePOS for a restaurant
You can also use TakePOS for a restaurant to manage tables as well as the orders for those tables. For this, navigate to the setup of the module TakePOS and enable the feature for Restaurant. go into setup of module TakePOS To enable the feature for Restaurant
You can define the map of the levels, such as floor 1, floor 2 or level 1 and level 2. You can also define the position of each table with the editor. Show how to add tables
Use the TakePOS module as usual for restaurants. The difference is that you can choose a table when you take an order, and come back later to finish the invoice. Show how you can choose the level/table before making a new order
There are plenty of other features that can be enabled from the setup. You can configure the number of terminals, format of the receipts that are generated as well as the banking and settlement parameters for each terminal. Transition to show the module settings page and show each settings tab.
For example, with TakePOS Connector, you can print directly, use scales etc. Show receipt tab in TakePOS setup
Thank you for watching this video tutorial. Visit www.dolibarr.org to learn more. Standard ending with text and animation.

Translation in French

Video Title: TakePOS, Le Point de Vente avec Dolibarr