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This page is a description of the project to build a video tutorial for install/setup process

Duration | Goal:

Between 3mn and 6mn.

Goal: Being able to install Dolibarr.



Sources (project file of tool, samples, screenshots, SVG) must be provided if possible.

Content | Storyboard

Example of story board with static images:

  • 1 Screen record of desktop + Logo Dolibarr ERP & CRM + "the OpenSource software for small and medium companies".

+ Message "Installation and setup tutorial" Transition:

  • 2 Screen record of desktop + Message "Step 1: Download package"

Transition RightToLeft Screen record of downloading files from download area: First page = desktop with dolibarr wallpaper -> Open browser -> dolibarr.org home page -> download (Transition Hour to reduce this part) -> Run setup prog -> Close -> Run Dolibarr from menu -> Login

  • 3 Screen record of desktop + Message "Step 2: Install package" -> Open dir with file -> Run (Transition Hour to reduce this part) -> Show menu -> Wait with message "Launch Dolibarr. A Wizard will assist you to create your instance" -> Go onto logon page.

Transition: Fading

  • 4 Screen record: Logon page -> home + Message -> "Start by setting your company informations" -> Setup company page -> Message "By default, no features are enabled. Select yours !" => Page modules setup -> Enable Thirdparties, invoices, agenda...
  • 5 -> Close browser + Logo Dolibarr ERP & CRM

Example of story board with dynamic video recording:


Contact for Video collaboration: