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En verysmall.png This page is a list of OpenSource Software companies and freelancers that can provide support, help, specific development, hosting or formation on Dolibarr (For Official "Dolibarr Preferred Partners" Dolibarr preferred partner int.png, see page List of Dolibarr partners and providers). You should add your own entry onto this page yourself (ask a wiki account to to be allowed to edit page), even if you are/apply to be a "Preferred Partner"). See also Dolibarr help and support page if you're looking for help on Dolibarr.

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De verysmall.png Diese Seite listet Unternehmen oder Freiberufler, die Dolibarr Services anbieten (Support, Installation, Schulung, Anpassung, Entwicklung..). Siehe auch die Dolibarr "Preferred Partner Liste" Dolibarr preferred partner int.png (List of Dolibarr partners and providers)). Sie können sich hier eintragen lassen (fragen-Sie nach einem wiki account bei, auch wenn Sie Preferred Partner werden wollen. Für Dolibarr Hilfe oder Support sehen Sie Dolibarr help and support.

RMT Nuwan Rathnayake,+94773714989

Email: - Web:
Zip/CP: - Town/Ville: Colombo

Services provided/Services fournis/Servicios ofrecidos:

Reseau.png Dolibarr SaaS/Cloud web hosting
Commercial.png On-premise installation/setup
Language.png Specific development
Service formation.png Training

Note: This company is not a Dolibarr Preferred Partner, the Dolibarr foundation has never evaluated its involvement on the project.