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Developer FAQ

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This page contains some frequently asked questions related to Dolibarr development. For frequently asked questions on other topics, read page [[User FAQ]].
= How to be an official developer =
In the galaxy of the Dolibarr project, there are several actors with different levels / grades.
The ranks of contributors to the Dolibarr project, and what to do to reach this rank, are defined into page [[Dolibarr_Project#Developers_roles|Dolibarr Project]] in chapter '''Developers roles'''.
= Current team =
See page [[Dolibarr Project]] to know list of current people that work on Dolibarr, with their current grade.
= Start a development =
Read first '''completely''' the [[Developer documentation]] to know all rules a developer must respect.
You can also read following FAQ.
= Get/update project sources =
See page [[FAQ Get,update project sources]].
= How to create a new skin =
For this, see page [[Skins]]
= How to develop my own module =
To develop your own numbering module, see [[Create numeration module]].
To develop your own business module (screens, tables), see page [[Module development]].
= How to add/complete a translation =
For this, see page [[Translator documentation]]
= Change my numbering system after start =
If the new numbering system does not conflict with the old one, to change the numbering rule, just go to menu Setup - Modules - Invoice setup and choose the new numbering rule in the list.
= Submit a patch, work and help on Dolibarr development =
If you want to know what you can do to start or help Dolibarr development, read instead chapter [[Developer_FAQ#How_to_be_an_official_developer]]. If you already read it and want to distribute a patch, this chapter is for you.
* If you have Yoda grade (See [[Developer FAQ#How to be an official developer]] for information on different grade), you have a direct GIT write access. So just use it to commit your changes.
* Because you probably don't have this role (your grade is [[Developer FAQ#Soldier|Jedi]] or [[Developer FAQ#Soldier|Admiral]] or [[Developer FAQ#Soldier|Soldier]]), it is necessary to use the "Fork" feature of GitHub. Then you can make a "Pull Request" from GitHub to ask to have your patch merged into develop branch. More information on [[FAQ_Get,update_GIT_project_sources]] and
= How to package and deploy a module =
See page [[Module development]].
This process works also to generate a package to submit it on the market place.
= How to be informed on news and what happens on Dolibarr project ? =
See page [[FAQ How to be informed on news about Dolibarr project ?]]
= Migrate my Mysql database to PostgreSQL =
See page [[FAQ Migrate my Mysql database to PostgreSQL]]
= What and how is the release process =
See page [[FAQ Release process]]


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