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Report board meeting 20200114 teleconf

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*Title: Foundation board meeting

*Date: 14/01/2020

*Location: Framatalk


*Valid members of the board (subscription up to date), present:

Maxime Kohlhaas

Philippe Grand

Laurent Destailleur

Florian Henry

Juanjo Mènent



*Dolistore : Search by Dolibarr versions

=> Task started : Regis deliver tag management on développement env. Laurent need to test

*Task done by Laurent during past month (access not public):


=> 30-31 may 2020 Place to décide, probably valence

Philippe need to update project into Dolibarr to link customer invoice of subscription.


Quotation request send to

Laurent will answer to Guido remarks

*Advertising on facebook and Google

Facebook, twitter and linkedin campaign are launched on december, close on december)

We will discuss in may to re-open campaign

*Get a full SVG logo for Dolibarr instead of a mix SVG + Font

=> Waiting feedback of Alexandre and Bruno.

*Idea of a Dolibarr Tour to discuss (N.Zabouri)

=> discuss on next meeting


=> To decide if we found JDLL

Send 200 €  to promote the JDLL. They ask us to give them the logo

*Relook websites

=> Dolibarr CMS

==Todo and Running Task==

*Communication with Bruno's help

Social media

Global strategy

=> The foundation has to write a specification of what's needed

*Add a label "Dolibarr Accounting Partner"
Bureaucrats, emailconfirmed, Administrators


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