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Developer FAQ

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It is important to understand that this organization has the sole purpose of improving the quality of Dolibarr and it is necessary that it is rigorously used. So do not be offended if, as a developer, you can not have a GIT write access for some time.
The ranks of contributors to the Dolibarr project are: <span id="Soldier">'''* Soldier'''</span> The first thing that a person willing to help needs to be familiar with the rules and standards developments.By reading the [[Developer documentation]], you have shown sufficient willingness to automatically become '''Soldier''' (grade level '''Soldier'''). Most people that are interested in Dolibarr development are in this category. This grade is obtained without higher validation. It is a grade of principle, to start. The next step is to submit your first patch, starting with simple ones, on the dev Mailing List (see chapter defined into page [[Developer FAQDolibarr_Project#Submit a patch, work and help on Dolibarr developmentDevelopers_roles|Submit a patch, work and help on Dolibarr developmentProject]] for the procedure) or on the forum (Preferred Mailing List). You can find easy to do patches (easy hacks) on the TODO tracker:{{TemplateURLTasks}} Easy to start tasks have the property "Task opened to external developers" set to "yes". If the value is "no", forget it, this means the task will be processed by a Jedi-grade developer.  The number of soldiers is not limited. The more we are, the stronger we will be.The soldiers are the main force of the Dolibarr alliance. Due to the nature of this level, it is not possible to establish a list of all Dolibarr actors with this grade (list always changing and too long). <span id="Z-6PO">'''* Z-6PO'''</span> If you are fluent in a language not present or poorly translated into Dolibarr, and know how to use GIT, you can use GIT to fork project locally and use push system tp publish your changes/adds.If you don't know, send your changes done on last version of language files on '''dolibarr-dev''' mailing-list (Subscribe from page {{TemplateURLMLDev}}). However, first solution using GIT push is preferred. The Dolibarr core team may add you, after several push, as official Z-6PO on page [[:Category:Z-6PO]]. <span id="Admiral">'''* Admiral'''</span> Only after you've held the rank of Soldier for a variable time (which can be very long), you've submitted many patches of suitable quality, a Yoda in place allows you to make GIT commits extended for cause of any patch.You have become an '''Admiral''' of the Dolibarr alliance. This title can't be requested. It is obtained by a decision or proposal of a '''Jedi''' or '''Yodachapter ''' who believes that you have submitted enough patches to be a serious Developers roles'''Admiral'''.An '''Admiral''' GIT access, however, must be used to commit translations or bug fixes that are reported on bug tracker ({{TemplateURLBugs}}) or forum (such as personal fixes or fixes submitted by a '''Soldier''').So all GIT commits you do must necessarily include in the description (the commit log field), the issue of bug corrected or the title of the forum message indicating the problem. Only a translation escapes this constraint (no restrictions for translations). Failure to observe this constraint may lead to downgrade to the rank of '''Soldier'''. Obtaining the rank of Admiral is as rare as limited. Dolibarr quality can not be achieved without a limited number of Admirals, but this is still compatible with having a very high number of developers ('''Soldiers'''), contributing through patches. A list of Dolibarr contributors with this grade is available on page [[:Category:Admiral]] <span id="Jedi">'''* Jedi'''</span> Only after holding the rank of Adminral for a variable time (probably the longest of all), and the quality of GIT bug fixes or patches sent is satisfactory, a Yoda will tell you that you are authorized to perform commits without restrictions, including new features. However you will still have to explain to all Yoda what you want to do to give back a "go".You will then become a '''Jedi'''.There may be temporary restrictions on commits, defined by a Yoda, for example due to a close release. This title can't be asked, it is obtained by a proposal of another Jedi or by a Yoda. This privilege is exceptional. Dolibarr quality can not be achievedwithout a limited number of '''Jedi''', but this is not compatible with a high number developers ('''Soldiers''') contributing with patches. A list of Dolibarr contributors with this grade is available on page [[:Category:Jedi]] <span id="Yoda">'''* Yoda'''</span> There are about 1 to 5 '''Yoda'''. It's the overall management of project development. This ranking is obtained by inheritance or vote. For example, it can be achieved after a vote organized by a Yoda making retirement. A list of Dolibarr contributors with this grade is available on page [[:Category:Yoda]] '''* And Darth Vader?''' There are some parasitic people that pollute the forum or mailing-list with aggressive messages, which slows the development of Dolibarr rather than offering constructive criticism to help improve. Some are very strong bad liver and bad tone. Such people are Darth Vaders.Fortunately, statistically, there is only one or two Darth Vader per year ...
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