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[[File:Dolibarr logo.png|180px|link=]]
'''Easy to use OpenSource software for business. Be free to manage your small and medium company, freelance or foundation activity'''
= [[File:art.png|link=]] The project =* [[What Dolibarr Do|What is Dolibarr ?]] - [[FAQ Who uses Dolibarr|Who uses Dolibarr ?]]* [ Online demo]* [ Downloads]* [[Dolibarr Project|Resources, history and project organization]]* [[Dolibarr foundation|The Dolibarr foundation]]
= *[[File:File_Doc_user.pngWhat Dolibarr Do|link=What is Dolibarr ?]] User documentation =* - [[User documentationFAQ Who uses Dolibarr|Who uses Dolibarr ?]]* [[User FAQ] Online demo]* [[Screenshots] Downloads]* [[Dolibarr help and supportProject|Help Resources, history and support centerproject organization]] (community forum, commercial support...) * [[Security informationDolibarr foundation|The Dolibarr foundation]]
= [[File:File_Doc_devFile_Doc_user.png|link=]] Developer User documentation =* [[Developer documentation]]* [[Developer FAQ]]* [[Dolibarr Project|Resources and project organization]]
*[[User documentation]]*[[User FAQ]]*[[Screenshots]]*[[Dolibarr help and support|Help and support center]] (community forum, commercial support...)*[[Security information]] =[[File:File_Doc_dev.png|link=]] Developer documentation= *[[Developer documentation]]*[[Developer FAQ]]*[[Dolibarr Project|Resources and project organization]] = [[File:File_Doc_trans.png|link=]] Translators documentation = * [[Translator documentation]] =[[File:File_Doc_tester.png|link=]] Testers documentation= *[[Tester documentation]]
= [[File:File_Doc_tester.png|link=]] Testers documentation =
* [[Tester documentation]]
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